Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello my sweet friends..
I am here to tell you I going to have to retire this Blog.
I stated this blog to keep track of my 365 days challenge.
And I had a blast doing that..
But I do have another blog. Some of you have been there.
  I only do a couple of post a week on both blogs..
So I thought I might as well combined them..
I will still be playing scavenger hunt and other photo challenges
But they will be from my other blog.

I do hope you come and join me over there...

You can click on the photo and it will take you to My Happy Place!!

I really look forward to seeing you all over there..

Hugs,  Linda

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is your Life...

You know when you see something and for that moment in time it makes
you stop and think about your life..  Well yesterday I went to a class and
that is what happened.

They wanted us to stop and think about what type of person we really
are..  Do you see the glass as half full...   Or half empty...

Do you see the beauty in the little things. Or are you to busy to stop
and take notice.

For me I know exactly what type of person I am..
(for the most part) That glass is half FULL..
I always try to try to find the good in everything.  I try to
believe that things happen for a reason.  But I am human and 
I am not always this wonderful person my cats think I am. 
I have so many short falls. That if I listened to that little voice telling
me I'm not good enough, I would really be depressed. 
And believe me sometimes I am!

So I guess I will keep on with the positive renforcment
And keep telling my self you can do it..  What ever it is!!
And try really hard not to whine about it.
Nobody likes a crybaby..
(even though that is my nickname from when I was little)
Yep, I was one of those..

I remember I had a photo I had found awhile ago
 and I just loved it..

Well that about says it all.
I just love this.  The site I got it from said it was from an unknown source.. 
If this photo belongs to you I will gladly give you credit.. 
It is awesome..

So I just want to thank you so much for listening to me and
taking a peek at some of my photo's, I really do appreciate all your sweet comments.

Hugs, Linda 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello everyone..  How is your weekend going?
I am enjoying my long weekend…  We are out of town camping again.
Just trying to get out of the heat!   I have not been around because we have no
internet service up here in the mountain's. 

This week scavenger hunt was a lot of fun.  THANKS ASHLEY..
Here are my interpretation of this weeks words..  

I just love the way these droplets of water looked on this spider web..

Stairs003 copy
This is one of my kitties favorite places to hang out.  Right at the top of the steps..
She can see everything from there..

I tried everything to get him to smile..
 But he just kept looking at me like I was crazy..
I just love this photo of Myles.. It makes me smile every time I look at it..

That is pretty sad when the only decent Macro shot I could get is this fly!!

Cloud042 copy

To see all the other entries you can hop on over to


Thanks again Ashley for another fun week.

Thanks so much for stopping by I will catch up with everyone when I get back home..

Hugs, Linda