Monday, February 28, 2011

Crazy I know..

I know what you are thinking..  What in the heck is going on here..
I never post two days in a row..  I know but I got some shot of this flower
that I just love.. And I just wanted to post it..  Hee Hee...
My son in law bought these for my daughter..  They were so
beautiful..   I couldn't help myself.

All the pedals have already started to fall off some of the flowers.
But not all of them..  They were the most beautiful Tulips.

I do hope you enjoyed your Monday..  You never know I could do another post
tomorrow..  But don't hold your breath..

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Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Another Crazy week for me...
   We had my Daughters baby Shower Yesterday.
I spent the whole week just trying to get ready for it..
  Everything went off without a hitch.. Yea.. 

So now I finally have some extra time to play with my photos..

I am playing along again with Ashley's  Scavenger Hunt,
Here is what I found on the Hunt this week..

OK..  I have to admit I pulled this one from the archive..
I just love the way the clouds looked in the sky on this stormy day!!

It's just so nice to see one of these everyday..
Don't you agree..

Furry - Day #180
One of my sweet kitties soaking up the morning sun..

Life - Day #179 
I am seeing all kinds of these little buds on my
bushes..   Yea..  That must mean spring is just
around the corner..

Blurred - Day #176
 These beauties just make me smile..
They just say Happy all over them..

To see all the other entries you can
head over to Ashley's blog HERE.

Once again I have to Thank Ashley for a
great hunt this week..

Here is a collage I had made with some of my shots I took
 last week for my 365 day shots..

That is all I have for now..  Thank you so
much for stopping by!!

Hugs, Linda

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Well It has been a whole week sense my last post here!
It has been a real busy and emotional week.  But the weekend
is here and boy and I happy!

So I have been keeping up with my daily photo's which is amazing.
but having Ashley's Scavenger Hunt prompts have helped a lot.

To here we go with this week Hunt...

Chocolate..  Day #170

I just happened to have a whole stack of these
chocolate bars..  We are dressing them up to give away
at my daughters baby shower..   YUM!

Numbers - Day #173
I have a little box that sits on my craft table full of
ephemera to add to a card or a tag I might be making
when I looked over and saw the bingo card
I knew what my number photo would be.

Canned Food - Day #175 
Well this one was a little hard for me..
I just could not get a great shot of canned food..
I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with..

Here is my second try..  I don't know I'm still
not liking it!

I know that you guys have seen this photo.
But I just had to put it in..  For one thing I could not think
of a single thing for a music shot.  And I have been up at the
hospital with this little cutie all week and she finally got to come
home on Friday..   So just hearing her soft purrrs is music to
my ears... 

For this shot I just stacked up some of my
spools of ribbon..

Day #174 
My second attempt at stacked..  These will
be little Thank you tags that go on those chocolate bars..
They are going to be so pretty..

To see all the other entries you can hop over

Thank you Ashley for another great week..
It really help keep my mind busy!

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for all your sweet
comments and prayer for my little kitty..

Hugs, Linda

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Hello everyone..  I am not having a very good weekend at all..
The only reason I am playing along today is to keep my mind busy..

My Cat is very sick and I had to take her to the hospital..  And they
are keeping her for a couple of day.. I just feel so bad.
  When the Vet called us tonight he stated that
she is doing OK.. Just crying a little..
Well that made me feel even worst..
I better stop writing about it or I will start to cry!!

So here we go!!

Shadows - Day #168
At the right time of day you can see the shadows on his face..
An hour later and they would have been gone..


Patterns/Repetition - Day #169
I just love the patterns on this jar on my window sill..
 It looks like a honey comb to me..


Bright White - Day #167
Can't wait to get some shots of some real flowers..
Spring will be here soon!



The hubby and I were out on a walk and this guy was
 on the antenna of a car.. 
 Boy it looks like he has seen better day..  But still held on Strong..

I just love this shot. I just love to watch a beautiful sunset. 
 The colors here just look so warm to me..

To see all the other entries you can hop on over to Ashley's blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Hugs, Linda

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a little something to share....

Hello everyone...  The last few days I had decided to try to
get some shots of one of my oldest collection!

A Collection of S&P shakers I have been collecting ever since
I was a little girl.  I will never forget when I first stared this
collection. My Mom took me and my sisters out to some garage sales..
And at one of the houses we went to there was this kind old lady and she was selling her
collection of S&P shakers.  I just fell in love with a couple of them so my Mom
bought them for me and that is how it all got started..

Day #165

This set was one of the first one's I purchased from that sweet Lady..
That was over 40 years ago..  Oh No!!  Did I just giveaway my age..

I remember thinking that these looked so old back then!!
I wonder how long she had them before she sold them.  I still love them just
as much as I did back then.

Day #164

Now this pair I haven't had as long...   But still they look quite old to me..
I really don't even remember where I got these..  I just remember that I thought
that they looked like little thimbles to me! 


Day #166 
I remember pick up these when I was a teenager..
Once again I can't remember where I purchased them.
 I just remember we where on a trip somewhere
and I fell in love with them..  I thought they were so cute!
They were my favorite pair for along time.


These were a pair that I had posted awhile back.. I just think they are so adorable..
These were also one of my original pairs that I got from that sweet old lady
at that garage sale!!  Those bells look so rusty and old I just love the way they look!

Well here is another pair that I got when I was still really little.
What is really funny is that at the bottom of her dress it says:
Souvenir of San Antonio Texas..  I have never been there..
Do you think the original owner is missing them!!

Day #167
Here is a fun little set I got when I was a little older..  I remember being on
a camping trip and seeing them in a gift shop..  Yep my Mom bought them for me to
add to my collection..

I really don't have a whole lot of my collection anymore..
Just some of my favorites..  Over the years some of them broke
or I have just lost some..  Now I am down to only about 15 in my collection..
But I really do cherish them..

How about you?  Do you have a collection from your childhood?
I would love to see it!

Hugs, Linda

Monday, February 7, 2011

Some of my 365 day Photo's

Hello Everyone..
I am back with some more of my daily photo's.

 I had intended to play in this week Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
  But the week just kinda got away from me.. 
So I didn't spend  a lot of time this week getting my photos.
Just kinda grabbed my camera everyday and took some shots around the house..

Day #159
This was one of the shots I got for the scavenger hunt.. 
You were suppose to get a shot of page 25 in a magazine.  So mine
was taken from one of my favorite Magazines..

Day #160 
This is a Pigeon or what my hubby likes to call them flying rats..
He loves to sit right outside my craft room window and drive my cats crazy!

Day  #161
Not a whole lot of green outside this time of year...  But a whole lot
of these brown dried up leaves are everywhere to be found..
Just begging to have there photo taken..

Day #162
OK so I lied I do have some beautiful Pansies out in my yard.
Some of them didn't make it through this last cold snap we had..
But this one looks like it's about to bloom..

Day #163
And this is an Ivy that sits outside on my patio.  It sits right next to this
really cool Bird House I got from my friend Becca..
I just love it!

Well That is all I have for now..
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Thanks so much for stopping by,
I really do appreciate it.

Hugs, Linda

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some of my 365 day Photo's

Hello Everyone..  I had such a bad week last week I am surprised I got any
shots at all.  So here are some more of my daily shots.

Day #154

My Sweet Hubby bought me some a pretty bouquet of flowers
for our anniversary..  I just wish I had felt better!  How horrible
to not feel well on your Anniversary!!

Day #155

Even though I wasn't feeling well we went out to dinner! 
Yes, we went to the Las Vegas Strip and had dinner at the OutBack!!
I know what you are thinking...  All those wonderful restaurants in Vegas
and you eat at the OutBack..  What can I say...  We love their Steaks..
I had brought my camera along...  Of course.  But I only took a few shots..
This being one of them!

Day #156

I have all kinds of shots of this little guy..  He loves hanging out in our
back yard..  It's not the best shot..  But I was pretty far away!
Can't wait till it's a little warmer out so I can try to get some better shots of him!!

Day #157

Another shot of the beautiful flowers I got for my Anniversary.

Day #158
Justine's theme for this months flickr pool is "patters and repetitions".
So that is what I was trying to find this morning..

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting..
And Thanks you so much for all your sweet comments.

Hugs, Linda