Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Photography...

The question is asked,
Why Photography?

What is it about photography that fills that something in
my soul that makes me want to carry my camera everywhere.

Is it to capture moments of family and love ones to
look back on and remember.  I do take those types
of photos but it is not my passion.  Sad to say I notice that
at most family function I don't even pull out my camera.

Is it to remember a special place I traveled?
Well this is a little more of what a like to photograph.
When I travel I love take photos of things that are
not Iconic symbols of my trip.  
For example when I go to the beach my favorite
photos to take are close up of Birds that could be from 
any beach.  These type photos don't say which beach I have been to!
But then again I remember where I took the shot!

I have to say for me it is the beauty I see!
I love to take macro shots of flowers and birds
and my cats when they let me.

Of course I would love to expand on what I like 
to photograph.  I keep telling my self I would like to 
take better Landscape type shots.  But they 
definitively don't come natural to me.

These are the type of shots I love to take!

So that is why I carry my camera cause you
never know when your walking into Target and you
see a bee on a flower out in the parking lot.
Yes that has happened to me.
And I love that shot.

This post is for my first lesson over at

Coming out of Retirement...

I am Happy to say that I am using this blog
for a class I am taking and am very excited

It Starts tomorrow!!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hello my sweet friends..
I am here to tell you I going to have to retire this Blog.
I stated this blog to keep track of my 365 days challenge.
And I had a blast doing that..
But I do have another blog. Some of you have been there.
  I only do a couple of post a week on both blogs..
So I thought I might as well combined them..
I will still be playing scavenger hunt and other photo challenges
But they will be from my other blog.

I do hope you come and join me over there...

You can click on the photo and it will take you to My Happy Place!!

I really look forward to seeing you all over there..

Hugs,  Linda