Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Photography...

The question is asked,
Why Photography?

What is it about photography that fills that something in
my soul that makes me want to carry my camera everywhere.

Is it to capture moments of family and love ones to
look back on and remember.  I do take those types
of photos but it is not my passion.  Sad to say I notice that
at most family function I don't even pull out my camera.

Is it to remember a special place I traveled?
Well this is a little more of what a like to photograph.
When I travel I love take photos of things that are
not Iconic symbols of my trip.  
For example when I go to the beach my favorite
photos to take are close up of Birds that could be from 
any beach.  These type photos don't say which beach I have been to!
But then again I remember where I took the shot!

I have to say for me it is the beauty I see!
I love to take macro shots of flowers and birds
and my cats when they let me.

Of course I would love to expand on what I like 
to photograph.  I keep telling my self I would like to 
take better Landscape type shots.  But they 
definitively don't come natural to me.

These are the type of shots I love to take!

So that is why I carry my camera cause you
never know when your walking into Target and you
see a bee on a flower out in the parking lot.
Yes that has happened to me.
And I love that shot.

This post is for my first lesson over at


  1. Beautifully said.

  2. Lovely shots with great attention to detail and simplicity. I enjoyed reading all you said and I share your love of macro photography! Great to meet you here and as part of the course!
    See you soon!

  3. I think your pictures are lovely and I read what you said with interest. I believe with a lot of what you say. I think this is going to some journey we are taking.
    I haven't started yet, I need to give it a lot of thought. It has been nice looking at your entry. Nice to meet you :))

  4. Lovely shots!
    Photography is about images mostly, and images invoke all sorts of emotions and memories tied to emotions and various feelings and moods. It's visual and it's ubiquitous, and that's why it's so enticing.
    : )

  5. I recognize myself in your comments about not taking shots at social events, Linda, as well as the comments about capturing details that could be anyplace. I am the same for both! These are all lovely images, and through them it comes through that you are clear on what you love to capture and follow that passion. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. A great summing up accompanied by wonderful photos, Linda! I love this post! Enjoy the course!

  7. what a wonderful post. your images are beautiful. i just know we are all going to enjoy this journey together!

  8. Thanks for sharing your inspiration and the why.
    I haven't gotten to the point of carrying my camera with me at all times, but I am so disappointed when the opportunity has presented itself and where is my camera...yes that's right, its at home.

  9. You have put exactly into words why I take photos !!! It is the 'beauty' ( not that our families aren't beautiful ) in nature that I love, or the beauty in the 'simple things' or the unusual and colour also plays a big role in my choices of subjects. I love your bird, a perfect composition, but I love all your photos Linda, always beautiful. xx

  10. Wow, love the gesture and the composition of the bird! Great DOF on your shots. I enjoyed them!

  11. I know what you mean about finding a beautiful thing on the way to the store. I also like the depth of field in the bee and flower image.
    Nice to be sharing the journey with you.

  12. Hi Linda. It's nice to meet you on this fun journey! Your photographs are lovely - I love the close up of the shell. I think that the reason I don't take many photographs at family events is because I want to totally involve myself it what is going on around me, to be sure that I am a part of it. I think we are all so similiar in so many ways!

  13. Well fancy meeting you here at Kat's class LInda :). I look forward to seeing where this journey takes both of us. I'm very excited about it!


  14. Beautiful shots! I carry point and shoot camera in my car so it' always at the ready!

  15. Wow, Linda, that bird alone makes me glad you carry a camera. I'm going to enjoy sharing this class with you.

  16. Hello Linda, all your images have a 'beauty' to them & i love the DoF on the shell image, so great to be in class with you!

  17. Capturing that special moment is a good feeling. Love these shots.
    I think my blogger troubles are behind me now.

  18. I just adore the simplicity of these. The great thing about photography is that it makes you stop and see the beauty amidst our busy lives!

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