Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Happy Sunday to all you out there..
It's that time of the week again to play in Ashley's
Scavenger Hunt.

Some of the prompt really got me thinking.. I guess that's a good thing..

Walking empty streets - Day #337
This was a last minute thought.. I call my daughter who lives about 4 houses down and
asked her what she was up to..  and if she could walk down the street for me..
She said yes..  She so sweet..

Repeating Patterns
This shot was taken out by my Mom and Dads place in Arizona.
I was so upset because I forgot to pack my camera..
Can you believe that..  Anyway... This shot was taken with my
Hubbies Android Cell Phone..  Not to bad..

Floor - Day #336
Right when I snapped this shot the doorbell rang.. That is the only reason
she looks so alert.  She was just about to take a catnap...  Hee Hee...

Then and Now
I have to say I really do love my Now camera.. So much more fun!

I really can't believe he is already grabbing on to toys.
Of course he wants to put them right in his mouth.

To see what everyone else came up with you can hop on over to
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I hope to see you soon!!

Hugs, Linda

Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Friday...

I have had a great week. Visiting with friends. Playing in my craft room
Loving Life..

I ran across a blog called Skinned Knees.  And she is the host of
Favorite Friday .. So I thought I would join in.

Day #334

So you pick out your favorite photo for the week and post it on your
blog and say why it's your favorite photo.

Well my favorite is a toss up between the photo above or the one below.

I got up early one morning and took a little hike
over at a trail system called the Wetlands.  It's here in Henderson.
I was the only one out there.. No one else crazy enough to hike in this
heat.  It was pretty breezy out so most of my shot didn't turn out to great.
But it was very peaceful and I am definitely going back when it's not so hot..

This sign made me laugh just a little..  I saw no wildlife. 
Just a lot of dragonfly's.. 

 Thanks so much for stopping by..
I just love it when you visit..

Hugs, Linda

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A New Chapter...

Hello my friends it's good to be back on this lovely Tuesday morning and
 once again I am already on my second cup of coffee..
I usually always have my first cup with my hubby.
That's right before he goes off to work..

Day #333

So if only we lived a little closer I would love to invite
 you over to join me for a cup of coffee or tea.. Which ever you prefer.
 And then I would ask you how your
weekend went..  And I would sit and listen cause
I truly love to hear what you have to say!

Day #328

Then I would tell you that my weekend was wonderful..  Nice and
relaxing.  My hubby and I watch some movies, hung out by the pool, and
truly enjoyed the weekend..

Day #327

And then I would tell you I am about to start a new chapter in my life.
Last week I gave notice at work.  It's official I am a stay at home
Grandma..  Yes I am very happy and scared all at the same time..

Day #301

I would tell you it is so hard to leave a job that I love and have been doing for 
7 years. Of course you would know I am a preschool teacher.. And you would
probably ask me if I am sure I am making the right decision..

Day #316

And I would tell you...  No doubt about it..
I am definitely making the right decision.  I mean really, 
how can I send my little grandson off to a strangers house.
When I could watch the little tyke..  He just melts my heart..

Day #322

So then I would hope you would tell me I am making the right decision..
Nothing to worry about..  Cause you are so supportive and always listen
to what I have to say..

And I would hug you and say thanks for being such a good friend..
Only if we lived closer.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Just one of those weeks.. Time just got away from me.
So here it is Sunday and I haven't even gotten around to getting  my photo's for
Scavenger Hunt.

So I am going to cheat this week.. These are all from
my archive..  So sorry!!  I do hope you like seeing these photos again!!

Music to my ears..
I have to say when I am here at the ocean I just love to sit and listen
to the waves,  It can put me to sleep and take away all my problems..


I just LOVE this photo of my daughter and grandson..
So cute in that little hat..

I love the way the color of these old clear ball jars look out on my table..

Out of this world..
 These are my hubbies favorite cookies.
Every time I cook them he always tells me they are

Another one of my favorite shots..
It has sprinkles all over it..

To see all the other entries you can head on over to Ashley's blog.

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till next time.....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

No problem... I got this...

I usually live a quiet and peaceful life..

I babysit my grandson every weekday who sleeps most of the time.
He is only 3 mo old now.  I do a little crafting.
Visit my friends for lunch every now and then..

Yep... I would say I have a pretty sweet life.. 

But then family asked if they could come visit from Chicago.
Sure...   For a week..  Why not... 
You want to bring your 4 kids?
Bring it..  I'm a preschool teach.. I love kids..

Well I am definitely not saying they were bad in any way.. 
They are you typical kids having a blast..

Fighting and tattling...  That just what kids do..
 I know I did that when I was growing up..

Day #318

It was a lot of fun watching them Laugh and
 have a great time..

Even the dog next door was wondering what the heck
was going on over here.

Come on you never had a spitting contest in the pool.

Day #319

Or a jumping contest..

Even baby Myles wanted in on the action..

And then as fast as they came in and changed my whole week..

Day #324

They were gone..  Back to Chicago.. 
I wonder if they will look back at this time and say
remember the fun we had swimming in Uncle Bruce's and Aunt Linda's pool
that one summer.. 

And that would make all the craziness worth every minute..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My second cup!!

Oh how I love my morning coffee..
I take mine with a little sugar and a splash of milk..

Day #326

As I sit here at my computer sipping my second cup-a-joe wondering
 what this day has in store for me..  Not a whole lot planned..
Just watching my grandson.  Who is off in dream land most of the time.  

Day #325

I am feeling pretty darn lucky this morning for the simple life I have.
I know not everyone likes the simple life.  Some people love the fast pace,
Hustle and bustle..  Making  100 decisions a minute.  I am definitely not wired that way..
How about you..
Do you live the simple life?
 Or do you love a day full of challenges..
Or maybe your somewhere in between..

Day #320

Do you think we have a hand in that..  Or do you believe you are destined to the
life we have.   Is the life we have because of choices we have made?
Or may it be the path God chose for us to learn something..

I just know that right now at this moment I am feeling
happy and content and very, very lucky
for the simple life I have..

Well I am almost done with my second cup..  Should I get another..

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Hugs, Linda

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello Friends...

 It that time of the week again.

I had fun getting most of my shots.. 
Even though I did pull a couple of photo's from the archives.
Shhhhh.. Don't tell anyone they will never know.. 

So here we go my friends.

Black & White - Day #323
The minute I read B&W..  I knew I was going to get a photo of 
my sweet kitty.  She getting so old but she is still such a lover..

Don't have a whole lot to say about this photo.
It's pretty self explanatory..  
This my friends is a Headlight.  Hee Hee....

Reflections in glass 
I took this shot out in my garage.
The reflection is off the glass of my car window.

Seeing Double
My daughter Hubby is a crazy bike rider..
When he tells me how far they ride I really can't believe it.
Anyway I got this shot at one of his races. 
There are really three riders here.. And the one behind these two
riders is my SIL..  He is there you just can't see him..  So Sorry!!

Bare - Day #317
Look at those bare feet..
I just love this shot just because it reminds me of when I was little and
always wanted my mom to take a photo of me doing a hand stand in the water..

Well there you have it my friends..
Another hunt under my belt..  I am starting to thinking I have a little addition to these hunts. 

To see all the other entries you can head on over to Ashley's blog

Thanks you Ashley for another fun week..

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look my friends.
Till next time...

Hugs, Linda

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once upon a time..

In a land far far away.

Was a magical place were folks gathered to take in 
the sweet smell of a Rose Garden..

OK.. The Land really wasn't that far away. 
For me just about an 8 hour drive..

But there was a Rose Garden..

With Lots and Lots of roses..

With a wonderful perfume that scented the air..

Every size, shape and color for my eyes to take in!

My eyes have never seen so many roses in one place..

Visitors came from all over to see this beautiful garden..

Red Roses...

Pink Roses...

Yellow ones..

See I told you there were a lot of roses..

I do hope you enjoy our little walk through this 
beautiful rose garden..

To see such a garden just go to Santa Barbara's Old Mission.
And right out front is where you will find it..

Till next time my friend....