Sunday, July 24, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Just one of those weeks.. Time just got away from me.
So here it is Sunday and I haven't even gotten around to getting  my photo's for
Scavenger Hunt.

So I am going to cheat this week.. These are all from
my archive..  So sorry!!  I do hope you like seeing these photos again!!

Music to my ears..
I have to say when I am here at the ocean I just love to sit and listen
to the waves,  It can put me to sleep and take away all my problems..


I just LOVE this photo of my daughter and grandson..
So cute in that little hat..

I love the way the color of these old clear ball jars look out on my table..

Out of this world..
 These are my hubbies favorite cookies.
Every time I cook them he always tells me they are

Another one of my favorite shots..
It has sprinkles all over it..

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Thanks so much for stopping by!
till next time.....


  1. WOW - this entire set is beautiful. I especially love your first and last shots!

  2. Lovely, totally lovely my friend, I so want to eat cookies right now, hmm... maybe I should get the recipe from you? : )

  3. the sprinkles and the shore are my favorites, but they're all really great!

  4. i love that last shot!!

  5. Linda, Linda, Linda... you did magic with that Hat shot. Love it

  6. oh my goodness. that Hat photo!!! delightful. what a precious moment

  7. These are all so pretty, and I could see them over and over! Wish I had some of those oatmeal raisin cookies right now! It has been pouring rain for a while now here in Albuquerque, lightening and thunder too!

  8. Great set, I love them all! Love your interpretation of music to my ears, I love the sound of the ocean too. Sprinkles is an amazing shot, LOVE it! Thanks for visiting @ Chasing Rainbows!

  9. Lovely, lovely photos! The hat is so sweet and I love the sprinkles!

  10. Gorgeous ! Love them all. I am with you when it comes to being at the doesn't seem to matter what troubles life throws at me, if I can spend some time at the beach hearing, watching and smelling the sea, things don't seem to be so bad. Love that beautiful green in your jars and of course nothing is ever more beautiful than a mother and her baby. xx

  11. I like your interpretation of your "out of this world" shot. The cookies look great! ;)

  12. Beautiful photos, Linda. No matter where they came from. :)

  13. These are all so wonderful!!! I love that last shot!

  14. Gorgeous! Love the last one!

  15. I think that these are just so beautiful

  16. What a gorgeous collection, Linda! It would have been a shame not to show them - yay for the archives!! :-)
    Have a wonderful week!

  17. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love em all!

  18. That last shot is pure magic! :)

  19. Wow, I'm hypnotized by your "sprinkles" photo. So awesome!

  20. Wow your photography skills are amazing, what camera do you use, love this blog x

  21. oh that shot from your daughter and grandson is so wonderful!


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