Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Happy Sunday to all you out there..
It's that time of the week again to play in Ashley's
Scavenger Hunt.

Some of the prompt really got me thinking.. I guess that's a good thing..

Walking empty streets - Day #337
This was a last minute thought.. I call my daughter who lives about 4 houses down and
asked her what she was up to..  and if she could walk down the street for me..
She said yes..  She so sweet..

Repeating Patterns
This shot was taken out by my Mom and Dads place in Arizona.
I was so upset because I forgot to pack my camera..
Can you believe that..  Anyway... This shot was taken with my
Hubbies Android Cell Phone..  Not to bad..

Floor - Day #336
Right when I snapped this shot the doorbell rang.. That is the only reason
she looks so alert.  She was just about to take a catnap...  Hee Hee...

Then and Now
I have to say I really do love my Now camera.. So much more fun!

I really can't believe he is already grabbing on to toys.
Of course he wants to put them right in his mouth.

To see what everyone else came up with you can hop on over to
Ashley's Blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by.. 
I hope to see you soon!!

Hugs, Linda


  1. Great Scavenger Hunt photos. My favorite is your "Walking Empty Streets" submission. Fantastic!


  2. These are great photographs Linda. I LOVE the first one!
    Congratulations on the new camera!! Enjoy every moment with it!
    Happy Sunday to you.

  3. Beautiful photos. the empty street is amazing!

  4. Really nice job with this set - I especially love your floor and repeating patterns shots.

  5. Love the 'walking empty streets' very effective.

  6. LOVE your then and now photo!

  7. Neat pictures! I like your perspective on your "then and now" photo. ;)

  8. fantastic interpretation for then and now. And don't you just love the hay all lined up. as I passed the farms coming home from camping today I promised myself to drive back out with my camera sometime this week!

  9. Great set! Love your repeating pattern shot! Great floor shot, beautiful B&W and texture!

  10. Linda,
    These are wonderful; so glad you shared!
    I loved your daughter going along with Mom. My daughter would be like that, too~

  11. Great photos! Love how you got "Jess" to help you out with the first effect too. I think the fingertips would be my fav this week, oh, but the camera phone did take a pretty nice shot too though. :-)

  12. Very interesting layout for Then and Now.. I love it! :)

  13. I love your shots this week. I especially love the field shot.

  14. Thank you for the beautiful comments! This is my 3rd quilt and I can't wait to finish it. Stay tuned :)

  15. how lovely your daughter only lives four doors down! love all your interpretations.

  16. Beautiful images, I love the effect of the first one, your daughter is just amazing, I couldn't even get Dolce to smile on the camera! : (

  17. Great shots - love that first one!

  18. Back from my holiday and eager to look through all your captures, I love the techniques. great work!

  19. These are excellent Linda! Ah yes ~ the joy of the camera upgrade. A very special joy indeed. :) Well you are capturing some lovely images. Love the wee hand!
    xo Catherine

  20. Love that shot from the cell phone ... always amazing how they come out! New follower here!


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