Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My second cup!!

Oh how I love my morning coffee..
I take mine with a little sugar and a splash of milk..

Day #326

As I sit here at my computer sipping my second cup-a-joe wondering
 what this day has in store for me..  Not a whole lot planned..
Just watching my grandson.  Who is off in dream land most of the time.  

Day #325

I am feeling pretty darn lucky this morning for the simple life I have.
I know not everyone likes the simple life.  Some people love the fast pace,
Hustle and bustle..  Making  100 decisions a minute.  I am definitely not wired that way..
How about you..
Do you live the simple life?
 Or do you love a day full of challenges..
Or maybe your somewhere in between..

Day #320

Do you think we have a hand in that..  Or do you believe you are destined to the
life we have.   Is the life we have because of choices we have made?
Or may it be the path God chose for us to learn something..

I just know that right now at this moment I am feeling
happy and content and very, very lucky
for the simple life I have..

Well I am almost done with my second cup..  Should I get another..

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Hugs, Linda


  1. lovely post. i lived the faster-paced, corporate job, big-city life for a while. achieved some pretty good success, but now am SO glad to have a quiet, rural, peaceful existence here at home for as long as it can last...

  2. I love your mug :-) I must admit that sometimes I need /like a little bit of challenge once in a while, but I could do without fast-paced and time-pressured... ;-)

  3. I love this post! Your life reflects mine. I have a simple, quiet life too with my husband and 3 dogs. No grandkids yet.
    Your daisy is so sweet...love the selective focus!

  4. What a beautiful post Linda. Your words and thoughts so connected with me. I am sometimes reluctant to say to some of my friends how much I love and am so thankful for my 'simple life'. I don't know if it is because I feel guilty I am not a high flyer looking to further my career and working my butt off or chasing after a social life that takes up every hour of non working time. I feel so blessed that I can choose exactly what I want to do on most days, I have my health and I have people around me that love me and that I love. What more do I need! xx

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I'm a middle of the road type person, I like the fast-pace sometimes and the simple life at others, luckily I get a little bit of both.

  6. Love your post today! Love your photos! The colors and everything create such a mood - that matches the one you're in today. Isn't life grand?!?!

  7. I find your thoughts this morning so wonderfully calming Linda. For me, the simpler, the better. Unfortunately, it is not always that way, but I try to keep it that way as much as possible!!
    I absolutely LOVE the last photograph here. So beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

    Have a wonderful evening!


  8. I'm not exactly sure why we all live our lives the way we do. But I do believe God is woven into every second of my day. :0) I do wish I was living the simple life. Right now, as a mama of three, I feel like it's pretty hectic. Maybe someday it will slow down. I enjoyed your post. :0)

  9. such a restful virtual coffee - thank you :)
    since i have no choice, and can only live a s-l-o-w life, i have to daily seek to find meaning in it...

  10. I'm right there with you, Linda. A slower, quieter life is definitely enjoyable. Love your photos. Very pretty and calming. :)

  11. I can smell the aroma of the coffee bean, even though I do not drink coffee at all, I love the scent!
    Was funny, this morning I was just checking my garden and thought, maybe I should sit in the garden more often, don't ask me why I get up early, I only know I have 5 more days of summer school (driver!!!)

  12. Love that cup Linda! Beautiful photos and sounds like you are enjoying your cup a jo on a beautiful morning!
    (just went through Memphis heading toward Nashville now) :-)

  13. Each one of these lovely photos suggests a cozy and homey mood. They really appeal to me and my simple life!

  14. Lovely post, I can smell the coffee. I enjoy the quieter life now, but I don't mind an occasional challenge.

  15. I'm on my second cup already, but it's the iced variety. And the simple life, yes, I do love that. The movers and shakers can have the stress, give me a lake and a cool breeze, a good book or two and that I would call bliss! Thanks for the conversation.


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