Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A New Chapter...

Hello my friends it's good to be back on this lovely Tuesday morning and
 once again I am already on my second cup of coffee..
I usually always have my first cup with my hubby.
That's right before he goes off to work..

Day #333

So if only we lived a little closer I would love to invite
 you over to join me for a cup of coffee or tea.. Which ever you prefer.
 And then I would ask you how your
weekend went..  And I would sit and listen cause
I truly love to hear what you have to say!

Day #328

Then I would tell you that my weekend was wonderful..  Nice and
relaxing.  My hubby and I watch some movies, hung out by the pool, and
truly enjoyed the weekend..

Day #327

And then I would tell you I am about to start a new chapter in my life.
Last week I gave notice at work.  It's official I am a stay at home
Grandma..  Yes I am very happy and scared all at the same time..

Day #301

I would tell you it is so hard to leave a job that I love and have been doing for 
7 years. Of course you would know I am a preschool teacher.. And you would
probably ask me if I am sure I am making the right decision..

Day #316

And I would tell you...  No doubt about it..
I am definitely making the right decision.  I mean really, 
how can I send my little grandson off to a strangers house.
When I could watch the little tyke..  He just melts my heart..

Day #322

So then I would hope you would tell me I am making the right decision..
Nothing to worry about..  Cause you are so supportive and always listen
to what I have to say..

And I would hug you and say thanks for being such a good friend..
Only if we lived closer.

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  1. Right decision ????..... ABSOLUTELY ! You can always go back to work, there will always be a need for teachers, but your little grandson will not always be little, and he will go off to school. Looking after him now is a win/win for every one; you, your daughter and your grandson. Enjoy this time, it is precious and a blessing. Good decision...chink of mugs, here's to grandmas !

  2. oh, congratulations, linda! that's wonderful!

    and these images are so beautiful to accompany our 'visit'. :)

  3. well I think you have made the right decision, what a wonderful thing to be doing, nothing is more important than these years. Congratulations on such a great decision, wish i could tell you over a cup of coffee!

  4. Beautiful grand-kids! Congrats that you now get to stay home and take care of them! You won't get paid in money, but in kisses, hugs, and LOVE!!! Lucky!

  5. I think it's a wonderful thing that is happening for you! Just think of all the special memories you will be making with your first grandchild...so sweet!

  6. I also wish I could sit with you and talk over a cup of coffee - congratulating you on that wonderful decision! And I'd tell you that I couldn't wait to see all those wonderful photos you'll also be taking at that time as SAHGM :-)))

  7. Congratulations Linda! What a big decision, but I certainly think its the right decision. Think of all those wonderful moments you will be able to share with your grandson.

  8. can you be my grandma??? pleeease :) just a lovely post... thank you x

  9. such wonderful shots... I just love them

  10. Linda, I think you have made a good decision.
    If I had a grandchild and had the opportunity to spend time with him or her, there is nothing I can think of that would take priority over that. They simply grow up too fast.

    I left my job when my kids came along, and was a stay-at-home Mom until they were in school. I have never ever regretted that decision. If I had a grandchild now, my job would be history in a heartbeat.

    CONGRATULATIONS on this exciting new chapter. How very much you have to look forward to, and how VERY lucky this little guy is to have you as a Grandma.


  11. I love your photos and what a blessing to be able to care for your grandchild!

  12. More power to you.....yes, stay home and enjoy your grandson after all isn't caring for a child the most awesome and rewarding job there is. Cherish the moments you have with him.

  13. Absolutely that is the right decision and congratulations!!! Enjoy every single moment with your pookie. Seriously (as you know) time flies so fast, and this is what matters most.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your first two pictures Linda! Well done.

  14. Congratulations on this new adventure. And yes after seeing that cutie pie I'd say it's a no brainer and you are for sure making the best decision.

    Thanks for coffee.

  15. What a gorgeous grandchild you have, and just think of the delightful memories you are going to make for he and with him. Enjoy every moment as they grow so fast.

  16. That is beautiful, especially the photo of little Myles, oh ya, of course it is the right decision to be a stay at home grandma, oh wait, let me get change and I am coming over now........... : )

  17. Hooray!!! How awesome you're able to do this! I'm so excited for you. :) Just think of all the 1st you'll get to witness!!

  18. Linda, I think it's a wonderful new chapter that you're starting. You'll never regret the decision to stay home to be there for Miles (except maybe the diaper changes, but all his precious smiles will make up for those). I'm sure your daughter will appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

    I've been enjoying all the posts I missed...especially all your gorgeous flowers, the camping trip, pool party, and your other scavenger hunts. It was fun to see so many at once.


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