Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello Friends...

 It that time of the week again.

I had fun getting most of my shots.. 
Even though I did pull a couple of photo's from the archives.
Shhhhh.. Don't tell anyone they will never know.. 

So here we go my friends.

Black & White - Day #323
The minute I read B&W..  I knew I was going to get a photo of 
my sweet kitty.  She getting so old but she is still such a lover..

Don't have a whole lot to say about this photo.
It's pretty self explanatory..  
This my friends is a Headlight.  Hee Hee....

Reflections in glass 
I took this shot out in my garage.
The reflection is off the glass of my car window.

Seeing Double
My daughter Hubby is a crazy bike rider..
When he tells me how far they ride I really can't believe it.
Anyway I got this shot at one of his races. 
There are really three riders here.. And the one behind these two
riders is my SIL..  He is there you just can't see him..  So Sorry!!

Bare - Day #317
Look at those bare feet..
I just love this shot just because it reminds me of when I was little and
always wanted my mom to take a photo of me doing a hand stand in the water..

Well there you have it my friends..
Another hunt under my belt..  I am starting to thinking I have a little addition to these hunts. 

To see all the other entries you can head on over to Ashley's blog

Thanks you Ashley for another fun week..

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look my friends.
Till next time...

Hugs, Linda


  1. What a great set - I really like what you did with seeing double!

  2. Great pictures! I really like your bare shot! Really cool! You did a lovely job! :)


  3. So many terrific photos here today Linda! You know I always love the kitty ones, but I like the hand stand in the water ones too. It is starting out as a scorcher here this morning ~ I wish we had that pool today! :)
    xo Catherine

  4. Cute hat there! And what a great memory for those bare legged acrobats in the water. Great photos :)

  5. great job! i LOVE the one of you in the car windshield! greatness!

  6. Gorgeous photos, Linda! I love each one of your set!

  7. I adore your set. Each and everyone. Love the comment with headlight. That cracked me up.

  8. Wow! All cool shots Linda, but of course I always love kitty shots and that is a great one! The bare is neat too, and reminds me how I used to love to do that in our pool when I was a kid too. Have a nice Sunday...I'm typing this and reading your blog from the car...great way to pass the time huh? See you soon my friend!

  9. Lovely cat posture in the B&W photo! ;)

  10. Terrific interpretations! I particularly love your reflections shot!

  11. What a beautiful, interesting and inspiring mix...I do love all your scavenger hunt photos. A fave ? oh so hard....I do love your B&W kitty, but I have to go with the head-light, the composition and the intensity of the colour, just love it. xx

  12. Fantastic set. What a gorgeous looking cat.

  13. That is a lot of fun Linda, thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Love your B&W shot the best! What a beautiful kitty!:)

  15. Love the reflection and bare shot!


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