Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Camper..

I am back today to share some photo's from our camping trip
to Duck Creek, UT..
A little bit of Heaven right here on Earth..

Here is a shot of our campsite.
Tucked in among all the trees.  This is truly a beautiful place.

I was so lucky my daughter and her hubby and
sweet little Myles got to go with us. 

Now does he look like a happy camper or what.

Here are some fun shot of my daughter and me playing with
the camera and our long shadows.

Day #310

You know we had to get more than just one..

Day #309

Lots of lazy days..  Enjoying the nice cool weather..

Day #311

Beauty all around us!

So many beautiful fields of flowers.. 

Just one little problem..  Lots of people having fun riding
these ATV..  Lots of dust..  YUCK!

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting.

Hugs, Linda


  1. your daughter is beautiful. your grandson's not exactly sure about camping or about photo-taking. :)

  2. Linda, these are all magnificent photos, and they really brought me back to when I would visit this place with my parents. Such a lovely picture of Jess too. :-)

  3. You have a gorgeous looking daughter and a darling grandson. Beautiful images, I love those long shadow shots.

  4. great shots, especially the last one

  5. I have always loved Utah and you have done nothing to dissuade me of this notion. Such a beautiful campsite!

    Your photos are always wonderful. Thanks for the nice comment this morning, I really appreciate the thought!


  6. What wonderful shots these are Linda, and so glad you had a great time.
    Your daughter has such a beautiful smile, and the little guy?
    Toooo sweet!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  7. Other than the atv dust, it looks like a wonderful place to spend a week or two or three. (sigh... sounds nice.) Love the shadow pictures!

  8. You are right, it is a piece of heaven, I need to ask Randy if we could at least drive there someday just to have a peek?
    Love that long shadow post, how fun!!!


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