Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once upon a time..

In a land far far away.

Was a magical place were folks gathered to take in 
the sweet smell of a Rose Garden..

OK.. The Land really wasn't that far away. 
For me just about an 8 hour drive..

But there was a Rose Garden..

With Lots and Lots of roses..

With a wonderful perfume that scented the air..

Every size, shape and color for my eyes to take in!

My eyes have never seen so many roses in one place..

Visitors came from all over to see this beautiful garden..

Red Roses...

Pink Roses...

Yellow ones..

See I told you there were a lot of roses..

I do hope you enjoy our little walk through this 
beautiful rose garden..

To see such a garden just go to Santa Barbara's Old Mission.
And right out front is where you will find it..

Till next time my friend....


  1. Oh, WOW, Linda, these roses are so wonderful!! I'd love to be there now!!

  2. "A rose would smell as sweet by any other name....." don't know who said it but it looks like it fits here. Beautiful shots Linda.

  3. Oh wow, beautiful post Linda, lovely images and beautifully written, what a treat for me, to take this walk with you, thanks!

  4. lovely. peach are my favorite. :)

  5. This makes me want to run out to our local botanical garden. Love the shot with the little bug in it, but they're all so pretty!

  6. Thank you for the trip and the storey, I loved it and if I tried hard could almost smell those beautiful roses. All those glorious colours....isn't nature clever !

  7. Beautiful photography! Thanks for linking up to artsee bloggers!

  8. Oh so pretty! I can't decided which ones I like best! Maybe the yellow with the pink tint...I can almost smell them!

  9. How beautiful, I love them all. But I especially love the spotted one.

  10. these roses look so exquisite, beautifully photographed.

  11. These are beautiful and I love your macro shots. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I truly appreciate it. :)

  12. I love that first shot. It is so timeless.

    Marla @

  13. Love, love the rose closeups and what a gorgeous place!

  14. I just want to stick my nose in there and have a sniff in those blooms. I love the softness of your rose blooms........ they are so pretty.

  15. Stunning! I'll take a rose of any colour! :) I've missed scavenger hunt! I must get back to it some time very soon!!
    xo Joanna

  16. Magical! Fantastic collection of amazing pictures!

  17. Oh my goodness, these are so gorgeous Linda!
    Beautiful, beautiful photographs!
    Hope you've had a fantastic weekend!


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