Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Friday...

I have had a great week. Visiting with friends. Playing in my craft room
Loving Life..

I ran across a blog called Skinned Knees.  And she is the host of
Favorite Friday .. So I thought I would join in.

Day #334

So you pick out your favorite photo for the week and post it on your
blog and say why it's your favorite photo.

Well my favorite is a toss up between the photo above or the one below.

I got up early one morning and took a little hike
over at a trail system called the Wetlands.  It's here in Henderson.
I was the only one out there.. No one else crazy enough to hike in this
heat.  It was pretty breezy out so most of my shot didn't turn out to great.
But it was very peaceful and I am definitely going back when it's not so hot..

This sign made me laugh just a little..  I saw no wildlife. 
Just a lot of dragonfly's.. 

 Thanks so much for stopping by..
I just love it when you visit..

Hugs, Linda


  1. That dragonfly is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Like the dragonfly, but love the tree with the curly-tail thingys hanging down. Never seen that, but it's beautiful.

  3. That second shot is remarkable.

  4. I would have a hard time choosing which one of those photos are my favourite Linda. I like them both! What are those curly cues at the top?
    xo Catherine

  5. both are beautiful. love the light on the dragonfly, but love the squiggles on the tree and the bokeh of leaves in the background too.

  6. Ooooh ! Beautiful and very textural photos Linda. I love both of them ! The little seed pod flower things for their beautiful shape and texture AND the way you have captured it with that amazing background blur thing ( I know it has a technical name ). But that dragon-fly is's delicate, fragile wings and the beautiful deep colour of it's body and head, love it ! xx

  7. These are lovely, Linda. The detail on the dragonfly is amazing. :)

  8. I like the first one. Because the bokeh is incredible, and... nothing quite that bizarre grows around here. I have no idea what that thing is!

  9. Love the little seed pods and that dragonfly is so detailed, very nice.

  10. Oo, I don't know Linda, that plant looks cool, don't think I've ever seen one before. But, I think the dragonfly wins hands down. I am digging his turquoise eyes!

  11. Oh wow, those images are just outstanding!!!!

  12. Wow! They are really fantastic. I just love that dragonfly and those seed pods??? are so unusual. Great choice! x


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