Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just playing around..

The other day I was out and about..  Not too far from the airport.
So I just thought I would see if I could get some shots of 
some airplanes landing..   I really do need to get a life.. Hee Hee.. 

Not the best shot.  I should have spent more time..

The shot was alright but it just needed something.. 
Maybe something like a real cool sunset while it was landing..

Day #332

We do get some pretty colorful sunset here in the desert. 

So I thought I would layer them in Photoshop..

And this is what I got..  Not too shabby..  Kinda cool..
Now I know some of you out there are experts at Photoshop.
So what would you have done different..

I am definitely going back out to the airport and try to get some
better shots.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look..
I do appreciate it so much..


  1. Congratulation, well done!
    And now, you have an airport in the desert ;-)

  2. If you need a life then I need a life, too. I would have done the same thing. I like your edit. Well done. Maybe a little sharpening? :)


  3. great composite - and I'll join you in the 'need a life' club too.

    I agree, a little sharpening on the plane - duplicate plane and put duplicate level on overlay blending mode, then under the filter menu choose other, then high pass - the idalog box will show you the result and you can adjust the number to get the effect that you want.

  4. I love your creativity! We have had some of the best sunsets lately- haven't we??!! It's been a photographers dream.

  5. How cool, Linda! And that sunset is so gorgeous!

  6. I would not have done anything different. What you've done here is just gorgeous!! Amazing transformation!

  7. I think what you did looks so cool, and real, yet the plane almost has a SI FI feel to it it!

  8. OMG...LINDA..AWESOME! Wow, wish I was this good- prob need a better camera for starters- I think this is incredible! tfs!!!!!!

  9. That looks seamless, great work. It's amazing what can be achieved in Photoshop.

  10. I like your layering work. Wonderfully done.

  11. Great piece of work! Really like what you've done with the processing.

  12. Wow!!! That sunset is incredible and your edit is simply AMAZING!!!


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