Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Well it's that time of the week.
Time to show off what we captured for Ashley's
Scavenger Hunt..

So here is what I came up with for this week.

Seeing Double/two - Day #335


He is the sweetest thing ever..

This Dragonfly looks like something not from this world
maybe from space..

This little guy is new to my feeder.  And I kept thinking something
not quite right with him.

Maybe he is not to bright and flew right into a window
I know that is stretching it a bit..  but it's all I got..

I have to run..  We are camping out at the ocean
and I don't want to spend all day on the computer..
The waves are calling me.

I will stop by and visit you soon..

Thanks so much for stopping by..
I really do appreciate all you kind comments..

Hugs, Linda


  1. Love the creativity of your " whatever" shot! Also, your interpretation of "space" is brilliant! Great collection.


  2. Linda, these are beautiful. It's always hard to choose favorites on your blog, but I'll try. I guess my top three would be seeing double (love that), whatever (very creative), and the poor hummingbird with the disfigured beak. It's nice to be home. ---I'm off to check out the posts I missed!

  3. Gorgeous photos and really wonderful interpretations, Linda! Enjoy the waves!!

  4. Hi. I love your doubles and creative capture for whatever!! That dragonfly is scary though and I had to roll on by that one lol. Wonderful takes this week! Have fun at the ocean!

  5. I love your shots of the hummingbird --they're beautiful!

  6. Linda your humming bird shots and that dragon fly are my favourites.... those big eyes on that dragon fly are quite eerie.

  7. Your pictures are so gorgeous. My heart goes out to that poor hummingbird. I loved the starfish.

  8. beautiful shots
    I like a lot the collage

  9. Great work - I love your space shot. Beautiful.

  10. I wonder if the beak of that hummingbird will straighten out on its own? But anyway, its a great representation for a bright prompt. ;)

  11. aw, poor little hummingbird! i loved your 'whatever'!

  12. every single shot is amazing!!! your space shot is really crazy!!! great macro! poor little bird...

  13. Beautiful, beautiful shots as always. Your little grandson is so gorgeous and I love the collage of all the different expressions. The star-fish too are beautiful, such wonderful texture going on. As for the little bird, I feel a bit sad for him, hope that bent beak allows for him to feed properly. Enjoy your camping by the sea, sounds wonderful to me. xx

  14. These are such wonderful photographs Linda, but it's always "no contest" when that beautiful little boy shows up here. Always an instant favorite!
    I hope you are having a wonderful time in California!

  15. Great set! Your Whatever is so clever, and your bright so is beautiful. Your sweetie is a little cutie pie!

  16. Oh Linda, that collage of Myles is so beautiful! I hope you will be blowing that one up and framing it! Such fun photos this week!

  17. That grasshopper macro is creepy! lol... Great hummingbird shots. I love the first one.


  18. Wonderful shots. I especially loved the first two.

    Marla @

  19. Fantastic entries. I love what you did with your grandchild's images.

  20. his beak is a little wonky, isn't it? That dragonfly picture is awesome. And yes, outer space eyes.

  21. So great shots, specially loved the space one. It is really out of space:)

  22. Beautiful and fun, I still can't get over that photo of Myles with sunglasses, too cute!
    Have fun by the water my friend, I wanna go there right now!

  23. Poor little bird! I wonder what happened?

    Your little sweetie just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

    Excellent photos as always Linda!
    xo Catherine

  24. seriously great shots they really are. I envy you being so close to the end of your 365 too!

  25. Poor little hummingbird==now I'm worried over him. Good shots, though. Have a good week.

  26. Oh that poor little bird!

    Your damselsfly (it's not a dragonfly, they sit with their wings spread) is pretty neat. Close up they really do look like something from another world.


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