Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

This has been such a nice weekend.
I got a lot done around the house. Had some FUN in my craft room.
Got to enjoy a couple of movies with my better-half.
Yep, I must say for me it has been an all around good weekend so far.

I am hoping and praying that most of the folks on the
East Coast can say they are safe and sound.   I am watching the news while
I am writing this and it looks like New York is shut down.
Such scary stuff going on!  My prayers go out to you!!!

I am back with Ashley's Scavenger Hunt.
Another tough week.  Is it me or are these prompts getting
tougher and tougher?  Oh well that's what makes it a good challenge.

Old and New
Mamma's got a New pair of shoes..

Night Photography
On Wednesday the Hubby and I went out to a community
 called Lake Las Vegas.  One of the radio stations was having a promotion
called wine-down-wednesday.   Free Wine and appetizers.  I thought it would be the
perfect time to get my Night shot..  It is such a beautiful place..

I am also linking this up to

Music (self portrait suggestion)
Here I am on the beach listening to natures most beautiful music.
The Ocean..

Why is it every time I want to get a photo of my hubby
I get this cheesy smile..  Boy is he going to be mad when he finds out I put this
photo on line.  I say it serves him right.  What do you think!!

The minute I read this prompt I knew I would try to get a shot
of the sun wind chime I have with the sun shining through it..
And I do have to say the SUN has been brutal this week..

Well there you have it..  Another Hunt down..
Bring on the next challenge.. I can handle it..
Hee Hee!!!!

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Thanks so much for stopping by..

Hugs, Linda


  1. Love your night and music shots, nice job!

  2. OK Linda, two you realize your hubby looks like the sun/wind chime, and I'd love to get your permission to crop the left half of that Las Vegas photo of yours and try to paint a watercolor of it. I've seen others done and have admired them so much but have not seen a photo I'd like to try working from until now. Are you game?

  3. Love your nighttime photo. That's something I'd love to experiment with.

  4. very nice! and yeah, serves your hubby right! :)

  5. Those reflections in the water are so cool! And I love the sun in the sun--perfect!

  6. I love your nighttime photo and the sun photo. And of course, your shoes - they are my favorite kind!

  7. Beautiful night shot Linda, and that photo of Bruce is too funny!

  8. Um, does seem as if the prompts keep getting harder. It's not my fault - everyone writing in prompts makes them very tricky. I'm tempted to just pick them myself for a week. HA HA. Love your selfie. Beautiful.

  9. You got some cool pic here, love your new shoes, oh well, shoes are always good thing to have. love that night picture, it actually looks like the bridge in Florence, italy. and that funny face of Bruce is too funny! : )

  10. I love both your creativity in interpretation AND the actual shot you chose for the music prompt. Absolutely stunning.


  11. Your night shot is gorgeous - wonderful arch shapes and I love what the reflections add. Thanks for linking in to Exploring with a Camera - I hope you'll put that in the Flickr pool too!

  12. Wonderful shots for the prompts Linda!
    I absolutely love the self-portrait.

  13. Very nice entries. Cheese made me smile, I love his expression.
    You self portrait is wonderful.

  14. Your pictures make me smile. Your SP is wonderful. I'm never that original. Love it. Have a good week.

  15. Great collection, what a wonderful cheesy smile.
    I love your self portrait, that beach looks like a peaceful place to be.

  16. Love all the shots --- the sneakers, night shot and your self portrait are all so beautiful. Nice work.

  17. Another fantastic set, Linda! You make it look so effortless! I could never do the hunt! Have a wonderful week!

  18. These are AWESOME! I have been wanting to get to Lake LV for soooooo long now. Maybe when it cools down a bit- although I am sure the breeze off the water is nice there. I need to make it a priority!

  19. I like your self portrait. I would love to be on the beach all by myself (right now actually) but alas here I am.

    Also, your night time shot is perfect. Just perfect! So how were the free appetizers & wine samples? That sounds lovely!

  20. Anytime you want to start directing that sun on up to Canada Linda please feel free! :)
    Lovely shots as always ~ I really like the 'new and old'. Very cool.
    xo Catherine

  21. I found your link on Kat's blog, and was just going to comment on your beautiful night shot, but all of your photo's are great. Tell your hubby all of the ladies out in blog land think he looks great - ..... maybe then he will want his picture taken all the time!


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