Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

I am finally getting around to playing
Ashley's Scavenger Hunt.

I really didn't think I would get enough time but YEA!!
I did..

So hear we go..


I really don't even know if these qualify as geometry But
that's the only thing I could come up with..
The first shot was taken at one of the hotels down on the Las Vegas strip.
That second shot is just a photo of a plant from my back yard,
And I played around with it in picnik, I think it looks kinda cool..

Brushstrokes - Day #357

and once again this is all I could even come up with..
Oh well..

Hanging By a Thread - Day #352
I really don't know what it is about this shot but
I just love it..

This is one of my favorite quotes..

On the dotted line - Day #360
Are you kidding me..  Day 360...  Only 5 days left..   YEA!!!!

Thanks so much Ashley for another great Hunt..
Man they have been so tough lately..


  1. Great collection, I especially like the hanging bells and the collage, wonderful quote. Have a great day.

  2. only five days left, wow! can't wait to see what your final picture is, I think the paintbrush picture is absolutely lovely.

  3. i really love that bell shot too. simple yet beautiful.

  4. Only 5 more days???? Whoo hoooo!!!

    That collage with the uplifting colors and the separated quote is beautiful. I love how you put that together.

  5. Hi Linda, love what you did in picnik...that looks so cool! Great shots, I love them all, and yes the bell shot is exceptional!

  6. Beautiful work - I'm really loving your first and last shots!

  7. fantastic photos to meet all your prompts! It was a tough group! Happy to meet you here!

  8. oh wow, well done on all of these, but those geometry shots just took my breath away!

  9. Great job with the prompts. I really like the Hanging by a Thread photo. The soft colors are beautiful.

  10. Good for you! These are wonderful, and you are so close to 365! Your first Geometry photo definitely counts and I love the detail and colors! I also love Hanging by a thread- the contrast, dof and color!

  11. Awesome shots Linda and congrats on getting so close to 365, what a great journey!

  12. Fantastic shots for the prompts Linda!
    Love, love, love "Brushstrokes."
    It is such a beautiful image.

  13. Wow! These are beautiful! I love the collage~so cheerful!

  14. I wish I could shoot as well as you. They are all great!

  15. Fantastic set, Linda! I really lie your Geometry shots and the brushes. :)

  16. Amazing work, all of them. Congrats on almost completing 365! you are resetting the counter? You must!!

  17. I love your work.
    The two first shots are amazing, brushstroke is so cool, hanging by a thread... I love them all.

  18. These are amazing, Linda! I really love the 1st one, tho.

  19. Great set, love your geometry shots! love hanging by a thread, so beautiful!

  20. Beautiful photos, all of them!! The one with the brushes is my favorite

  21. Amazing shots! Love both geometry!!


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