Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm back with some more of my 365 day photos..

Sometimes it is so hard to get that shot in everyday.
and other times it's not so bad.
There are only so many things you can photograph in
your home and yard. 

Day #363

On the window sill of my kitchen I have all kinds of bottles.. 
Including this one.

Day #362
We have so many Bee's this year compared to the last couple years.
I am pretty glad to see them.

Day #364
I see a peach cobbler in my future.. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.. 


  1. I've definitely been in a rut lately. I look around and I see nothing to photograph. I haven't been too motivated since I'm still going through vacation pics from two weeks ago.

  2. What beautiful shots Linda........they all have a feeling of serenity about them. Maybe that is because you are "retired" and do not have the stresses of work on your mind....enjoy yourself. Love the colour in the peaches, the details in the bee and the contents of the bottle. xx

  3. Nice! I can almost smell those peaches!

  4. The peaches look so delicious. You take lovely images.

  5. Fantastic shots Linda.
    Sometimes it is amazing what we can find to photograph just when we think we have seen it all in a particular area!
    Oh, and the peach cobbler?
    There IS a piece with my name on it right?
    Thought so!! :-)
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend my friend.

  6. I know what you mean about only so many things to photograph. It's hard to stay "energized" sometimes. Peach cobbler sounds does peach jam. :)

  7. So pretty, love that green on that bottle!


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