Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Another Crazy week for me...
   We had my Daughters baby Shower Yesterday.
I spent the whole week just trying to get ready for it..
  Everything went off without a hitch.. Yea.. 

So now I finally have some extra time to play with my photos..

I am playing along again with Ashley's  Scavenger Hunt,
Here is what I found on the Hunt this week..

OK..  I have to admit I pulled this one from the archive..
I just love the way the clouds looked in the sky on this stormy day!!

It's just so nice to see one of these everyday..
Don't you agree..

Furry - Day #180
One of my sweet kitties soaking up the morning sun..

Life - Day #179 
I am seeing all kinds of these little buds on my
bushes..   Yea..  That must mean spring is just
around the corner..

Blurred - Day #176
 These beauties just make me smile..
They just say Happy all over them..

To see all the other entries you can
head over to Ashley's blog HERE.

Once again I have to Thank Ashley for a
great hunt this week..

Here is a collage I had made with some of my shots I took
 last week for my 365 day shots..

That is all I have for now..  Thank you so
much for stopping by!!

Hugs, Linda


  1. I love your sky photo ~ excellent! Well and of course kitty is always lovely too! :) How wonderful that the baby shower went well ~ now you can relax a bit before that baby comes! :)

    Have a nice evening Linda!
    xo Catherine

  2. Your photos are so inspirational, I love them all, but the clouds are amazing. I love your collage that difficult to do ? I would really like to do one but have no idea where to start.

  3. Your cat is very pretty. I have one that looks just like him!

  4. The vibrancy in your sky is gorgeous (and I pulled ALL of mine from the archives, so don't feel bad)!!

  5. The sky shot is incredible...and I also love your furry shot.

  6. It appears you had a great week from looking at these photos. Nice job all around.

  7. The sky is gorgeous. I also love the blurred pic.

  8. Sounds like you had a busy week! Love the photo collage at the end. Her “hat” is lovely. :)

  9. Oh my gosh, your collage is way too cute! Great shower, and I'm glad you posted that because I left before I got to see Jessica's hat! Your sky photo is really cool, all nice photos, but I really like blurred too especially! :-)

  10. Wow.....these shots are all amazing. Can't even choose a favorite! love them all.

  11. Such great interpretations!! LOVE your dramatic sky shot, just beautiful! :)

  12. Linda, these are fabulous, I can't believe how effective the sky shot is! The collage you put together is fabulous, it looked like you went to a lot of trouble for the baby shower, really gorgeous. You must be quite exhausted!!

  13. Gorgeous blurred shot and that sky shot is just stunning, great detail and focus!

  14. Beautiful images Linda, I love the first one "sky", I can't take my eyes off those clouds, isn't that amazing!!

  15. great shots and I absolutely love your collage, looks like it was great, your daughter looks lovely.

  16. Goodness...that kitty is too much! And, I really love your blur.

  17. Wonderful images. The blur shot is my fave.

  18. Oh I LOVE your sky! & blurred is fabulous! :)

  19. All of these are wonderful... especially that sky shot! Outstanding! =)

  20. Wow, Linda, your photos are so stunning and your sky photo is beyond awesome! I love them all! Have a wonderful week!

  21. I am so glad the baby shower went well!! I love the favors you created for it!
    These are fantastic Linda!! It is hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the collage. it is so bright and colorful!

    I wish you a wonderful evening!


  22. Lots of cool pic but I love storm clouds and the way they layer with the awesome perspective of the road is fabulous!


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