Monday, February 7, 2011

Some of my 365 day Photo's

Hello Everyone..
I am back with some more of my daily photo's.

 I had intended to play in this week Scavenger Hunt Sunday.
  But the week just kinda got away from me.. 
So I didn't spend  a lot of time this week getting my photos.
Just kinda grabbed my camera everyday and took some shots around the house..

Day #159
This was one of the shots I got for the scavenger hunt.. 
You were suppose to get a shot of page 25 in a magazine.  So mine
was taken from one of my favorite Magazines..

Day #160 
This is a Pigeon or what my hubby likes to call them flying rats..
He loves to sit right outside my craft room window and drive my cats crazy!

Day  #161
Not a whole lot of green outside this time of year...  But a whole lot
of these brown dried up leaves are everywhere to be found..
Just begging to have there photo taken..

Day #162
OK so I lied I do have some beautiful Pansies out in my yard.
Some of them didn't make it through this last cold snap we had..
But this one looks like it's about to bloom..

Day #163
And this is an Ivy that sits outside on my patio.  It sits right next to this
really cool Bird House I got from my friend Becca..
I just love it!

Well That is all I have for now..
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Thanks so much for stopping by,
I really do appreciate it.

Hugs, Linda


  1. Hey! I forgot about that bird house, it looks pretty next to your plant. I think even the dried leaves look pretty too. That pigeon looks huge! :-)

  2. Linda, these are as always, just beautiful. My favourite is your magazine shot, beautifully captured. Justine had been telling me how good artful blogging was, I am still trying to get my hands on a copy!!

  3. I got a copy of artful blogging, it is a fantastic magazine and I love your shots. That pigeon must like you if it sits outside your craft room, is it always the same one? really enjoyed your photos, have a good week.

  4. So beautiful, I always enjoy coming here for your beautiful shots!

  5. Those are some terrific shots Linda! That bird's eye is a bit scary isn't it! :)
    Happy Tuesday!
    xo Catherine

  6. So nice Linda!!
    I especially like the "flying rat!"
    He's a cutie!
    You have a great week also!

  7. Great shots, Linda. I'm really surprised you only have one pigeon. They usually like to flock together. Maybe he's an old homeing pigeon and he likes your home. :)

  8. This past week went a little too fast for me as well.
    I really like the selective focus of the leaf in day 161.

  9. Lots of awesome photos but my fav HMMMM toss up between the cool leaf and the flying rat:)

  10. Beautiful photos! Flying rat cracks me up. Love the pretty bird house and ivy too! Hope you are having a great week too!


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