Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Well It has been a whole week sense my last post here!
It has been a real busy and emotional week.  But the weekend
is here and boy and I happy!

So I have been keeping up with my daily photo's which is amazing.
but having Ashley's Scavenger Hunt prompts have helped a lot.

To here we go with this week Hunt...

Chocolate..  Day #170

I just happened to have a whole stack of these
chocolate bars..  We are dressing them up to give away
at my daughters baby shower..   YUM!

Numbers - Day #173
I have a little box that sits on my craft table full of
ephemera to add to a card or a tag I might be making
when I looked over and saw the bingo card
I knew what my number photo would be.

Canned Food - Day #175 
Well this one was a little hard for me..
I just could not get a great shot of canned food..
I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with..

Here is my second try..  I don't know I'm still
not liking it!

I know that you guys have seen this photo.
But I just had to put it in..  For one thing I could not think
of a single thing for a music shot.  And I have been up at the
hospital with this little cutie all week and she finally got to come
home on Friday..   So just hearing her soft purrrs is music to
my ears... 

For this shot I just stacked up some of my
spools of ribbon..

Day #174 
My second attempt at stacked..  These will
be little Thank you tags that go on those chocolate bars..
They are going to be so pretty..

To see all the other entries you can hop over

Thank you Ashley for another great week..
It really help keep my mind busy!

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for all your sweet
comments and prayer for my little kitty..

Hugs, Linda


  1. Love your Bingo Card! Such a fun shot.

  2. I am so glad all is ok! so glad that you posted the picture of your cat for music and love your other shots all so creative.

  3. Great shots, Linda..........every one.

  4. I love your stack of ribbons and I think you did a great job with the canned food. Love your perspective on the first one. Great job with the prompts!

  5. Hi Linda! I like your Campbell's shot, and so sweet you used Mitten's photo for music..her I also loved seeing your chocolate bars and the cute tags for the will be fun!

  6. I love your second soup shot a lot! Great photos! I hope everything is ok!

  7. Linda, Knowing that your cat is home is music to my ears too! You must be so relieved. I loved every one of them, especially the lovely textured effects. Here's to a better week ahead!xx

  8. Love, love, love numbers! And, both of the stacks are lovely.

  9. What a wonderful collection of photos - I love every single one of them! I'm so glad your cat is at home again - what a wonderful interpretation for the music prompt!

  10. Hi Linda - I'm so pleased that your kitty is back home with you again.

    My favourites are your last stacked photo and those big eyes just looking up at me. I'm sure that purr is sweet music to your ears.

    from leavesnbloom photography

  11. Beautiful shots and processing!

  12. Aww, kitty purrs are wonderful music. I really like the last stacked shot, how pretty.

  13. Love all of your shots! Very good! Chocolate is my favorite.

  14. So glad to see you back - love your numbers and music shots!

  15. Great shots, really all are wonderful, these are colors and shades along with spectacular creative approaches lead us to enjoy the beauty at its finest.

  16. These are wonderful...canned food and numbers are my favorites.

  17. Linda they are so wonderful but that can of progresso is pretty darn cool its a tie with your sweet kitty. :)

  18. I really love all of these!
    Really, really, like the vintage Bingo shot!
    I was pleased with my Campbell's soup and like how you did yours but the second shot with soup, crackers and bowl is a great composition and nice tone.

  19. Glad your kitty is feeling better... and purring at home again! love your chocolate bars shot... yum!

  20. You have a great hunt here. You seem to be very hard on yourself. The cans shots are great. Love both stacks. Thanks for your visit, have a great week. Take care. xxx

  21. Great shots Linda, lots of fun images to look at and a fun post to read too!

  22. mmmmm..... stacked chocolate.... well what else does one need really? Perhaps just a cup of tea... :)

    Love photos dear Linda!
    xo Catherine

  23. These are just wonderful as always Linda, but most importantly, I am SO GLAD that Kitty is back home with you. I hope that she continues to do well.

    Love the canned food shots!!

  24. Love the stacks of ribbon and those little cards, and so glad your little cat is now home, she's gorgeous.

  25. Your number photo is just lovely!

  26. I feel the very same way about my cat's twirls and purrs. It is music to my ears. And I'm not even a cat person, but I love him to pieces. I can't imagine my life without him. It sounds to me as if you feel the very same about your baby kitty.

    :) Alita

  27. I LOVE YOUR BINGO AND CAT PHOTOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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