Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Hello everyone..  I am not having a very good weekend at all..
The only reason I am playing along today is to keep my mind busy..

My Cat is very sick and I had to take her to the hospital..  And they
are keeping her for a couple of day.. I just feel so bad.
  When the Vet called us tonight he stated that
she is doing OK.. Just crying a little..
Well that made me feel even worst..
I better stop writing about it or I will start to cry!!

So here we go!!

Shadows - Day #168
At the right time of day you can see the shadows on his face..
An hour later and they would have been gone..


Patterns/Repetition - Day #169
I just love the patterns on this jar on my window sill..
 It looks like a honey comb to me..


Bright White - Day #167
Can't wait to get some shots of some real flowers..
Spring will be here soon!



The hubby and I were out on a walk and this guy was
 on the antenna of a car.. 
 Boy it looks like he has seen better day..  But still held on Strong..

I just love this shot. I just love to watch a beautiful sunset. 
 The colors here just look so warm to me..

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Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Hugs, Linda


  1. I love your warmth shot! Absolutely stunning!

  2. Great shots - my faves are your Warmth and Patterns, I just love the colours. Hope everything turns out ok with the little kitty. I'm a nervous wreck if there is anything wrong with mine. xx

  3. Love the pictures.

    Sorry about your kitty. Hope she gets better soon and comes home to her mommy.

  4. Great shots, Linda. And, they all have a similar golden color to them.

  5. All those shots are beautiful. I hope your kitty comes home to you happy and healthy soon!

  6. I am so sorry to hear about your cat, you must be going out of your mind with worry, I hope it's all ok, cats are very resilient. I love your shots, that sunset it truly stunning and the light on your jar is amazing.

  7. Great shots. Love the warmth shot and strong is a great interpretation.

  8. Oh my goodness your photos are stunning...the depth of colour and warmth in them is so beautiful. I do hope your cat is fine and will be home with you soon.

  9. Beautiful photos Linda!

    I am glad kitty is OK and hopefully will be home soon ~ Banjo and I will think extra good thoughts and are sending you extra hugs and kisses!

    xo Catherine

  10. I hope your cat gets better and comes home soon - I can only imagine how awful it must feel to have a sick baby like that. Your photos are wonderful though...your warmth shot is especially glorious!

  11. Beautiful images. I so hope your kitty is healthy and home soon.

  12. Great shots Linda! I love that sunset shot!
    I hope Mittens gets to come home soon.
    Hugs, xo

  13. Beautiful images with great photography skill Linda! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

    the scrapbook pages you were asking are 12x12

  14. These are wonderful Linda! Love Bright White!
    I sure hope your kitty is doing better. It is so hard to leave them with the vet when they are sick, and I know just how you feel.
    Sending you hugs!

    lisa. xo

  15. Linda so glad you got to do your post, because you had so many gorgeous photos. Unfortunately I know all too well how you feel. I am having a dreadful week too. I have my eldest daughter sick in hospital ( in vietnam of all places) am so worried. I really am thinking of you and hope that you will have her home soon, hopefully next week will be better for both of us. My prayers are with you xx

  16. ahhh...the sunset you captured is breathtaking.
    what a treasure to behold.

    hope your kitty is improving.


  17. I'm so sorry to hear about your poor little guy. Hopefully the beginning of the week is going better for you! - Charlene

  18. Fabulous shots. Hope your kitty is better soon. I thing it has been one of those weeks for lots of us.

  19. Great shots - the sunset is magnificent! I hope your cat is doing better.

  20. I'm just now seeing yours from last week. Love the strong photo! Very clever! And the sunset is amazing.


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