Sunday, September 26, 2010

 All of these shots are from the Springs Preserve, in Las Vegas..
Day #29

I spent almost three hours hiking the trails at the
Springs Preserve try to get some cool shots..

There was a whole wall of these little windows.. 
I just thought they looked so cool..

The shot of this prickly pear look so soft...
But I know better..

This little guy was just hanging out enjoying the sun!

I just love the way this photo turned out.. 
So if you are wondering what it is it's
a shot is of a glass door..


Day #28
She just loves to pose for me!

Day #27

Thanks for stopping by..

Hugs, Linda


  1. oh they are so beautiful! my favourites are the window and your lovely cat and that prickly cactus, it all looks so amazingly beautiful and so well captured.

  2. Wonderful shots...and what a sweet faced kitty kat...adorable...and this cactus shot...I love to paint cacti.

  3. Wow these are just awesome! So artsy!

  4. These are fantastic shots. I especially like the second one.

  5. These are all very pretty LInda! It looks like you had a fun class. I bet the instructor was pleased with your results!

  6. Oh my Linda, you just got the coolest images here!
    We have yet to go to the spring reserve, got to do that soon!

  7. Wow Linda...these are amazing. I started by thinking that that window show was pretty great...then I kept scrolling down and loved them all. Amazing work.

  8. Great job i really think you have got some talent! keep it up!


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