Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Well here we go agian...  I thought I would give Scavernger Hunt Sunday
another try.   I had a couple of people comment saying it was
addicting and I must say... I believe them..  I had a blast playing last week.
I must admit all week long I am looking around at
everything to find that perfect shot for the topic..

Thank you Ashley.. I really enjoy your little hunt.

So here we go..

1. Wish / Dream
I honestly think there is alot of wishing going on here.. Can you see all
the coins that are in this fountain..

2. Clean
At first I didn't even think of these little puff of cotton as
my clean till getting ready for work one day and
I saw it right in front of me..

3. Currency - Day 21
I have had this pound forever.  I don't even know where I
got it.  I just love the way it looks so old...

4. Pair - Day 20
Who wouldn't want a pair of these Ladies
at a table in Vegas..

5. Square
This again is not what I had in mind for my SQUARE
shot..  I was going to use dice. I was messing around in
my craft room and this bingo card just screamed

Thank agian Ashley this was alot of fun..


  1. I have to say all your shots are great; I didn't think that something like cotton bud could be an interesting photo, well I was wrong :)

  2. Wonderful shots!!! Me too,,, the basic Q-tip will never look the same again:)

  3. I'm glad you decided to play can be addicting and your interpretations are so great. I love that you used the q-tips (I need to add those to my grocery list...we just ran out). I hpe you have a great week.

  4. I love your interpretations. I would never think of a wishing fountain. Great job!

  5. these are just such great shots, brilliantly photographed and fantastic prompts, excellent excellent pictures.

  6. Great job this week mom! I love your pictures! Hope you are having fun with Grandma! See you soon!

  7. Wow, that fountain shot is cool Linda! I love the copper pennies on the green colored bottom, it looks "patina", the q-tips turned out great, and the british pound is really neat, Russ said that it is really old because it's all "coin" now. The bingo card looks so it. Isn't it amazing what us Vegas girls think of for pair? LOL!

  8. These are gorgeous pics! I love the fountain idea for wish, and the Q-tips for clean! I couldn't live without them. I hate when the insides of my ears are wet after showering!!

  9. I love the wish shot..what a great idea. I also really like your clean shot!

  10. I love your interpretations! The currency is gorgeous as well as your fountain! The pair one is so creative! Love it!

  11. playing cards.. of course pair.. why can't i think of the obvious.. and i loved your bingo

  12. I really like your bingo shot,there is so much to look at but it's not overwhelming at all. The QTips are a great idea!

  13. Wow these are amazing. Love your fountain shot and your bingo shot. I like how you incorporate the Scavenger hunt and 365. That is a good idea. I might have to try that. Instead of waiting till the last minute.

  14. love the wishing fountain. Your photos are great

  15. All of these are amazing! The fountain shot is my favorite!

  16. These are great shots Linda. I especially love "Square."


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