Sunday, December 19, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Hello! It's that time of week again.
 Time to playing along in Ashley's Scavenger Hunt!

So Here We Go!

Winter - Day #111

Nothing better than a Hot Cafe Mocha With Whipped Cream on a cold
WINTER day!  Yum!

B&W with Selective Coloring - Day #109

Merry Christmas!


The Wind - Day #110
The WIND blew all this crap debris into our pool!
I know the composition on the photo is so bad.
but I just love the colors..

Framed - Day #112

This one was a little tough for me..  The minute I saw the prompt
I thought of taking a photo of an eye through my peep hole in
my door.. I have seen other photo like that..  But I just couldn't get it
so I went for a bigger hole.. WOW does that sound bad!
  My daughter is looking through a toilet paper roll..
  I played around with it in PS and this is what I came up with!

Remember When...
This photo was taken in a little town just outside of Zion National Park!
It was just sitting in the front yard of someones house!

I have another photo for Remember When..

Yep, That's me!  Remember when Big hair was in!
  I had to pay big bucks for perms, to keep up with the fashion..
  I always Laugh when I see this photo..
 Cause I am a sweatshirt & Jeans kinda gal!

Another Fun Week.  Thank Ashley! 


  1. mmmm...mocha and whipped cream. I may need to go get my coffee now. :) Your photos look great this week Linda!

  2. Cool shots Linda, I like your framed idea and the B& W looks great. I was too scared to do the "big hair" photo, but thought of it. Ha! Oh the memories!

  3. These are all wonderful - great interpretation of winter and I love your remember when shot.

  4. wow i love these. love your b&w photo.

  5. Love them all! Especially your B&W with selective coloring!

  6. Truly fantastic Linda. I am loving that last one!!!!

  7. Great photos, Linda! That last one really made me smile! I had that perm phase, too! :-))

  8. oh these are wonderful! I love the picture of you, wowwww! they are great shots, love the petrol pump and the crocodile, such great shots.

  9. Oh my I remember the torture of perms and big hair... love all of these, great processing too.

  10. Love all of your shots, I'd do good NOT to remember the glamour shots though~!

  11. Great shots. Love your remember when pictures!

  12. What a fabulous collection. I wondered how you managed to get that great eye shot! Your christmas decoration is so well captured and who could go past the hot cafe mocha. Im off to pick one up now!

  13. I like the reflection in your wind shot - I'm a sucker for reflections. They're so fascinating.

    Also - that hair is ... impressive. :D

  14. Great shots Linda, all of them, even the one with your big hair. Hey, that gives me an idea - why don't we all post an old glamour shot we had done in the past for Valentine's day. I wonder how we could get others to go along with it. I have a few of my own that I had done for my second husband on our first Valentine's day together. Pretty racey stuff!

  15. I love love Cafe Mocha!

    I think I have some sort of recollection about those big hair days. =)

  16. Great photos. Love both your remember when photos. I really love your winter photo too.

  17. I love your first shot!!! It makes me want to go whip one up. Yummo!

  18. Oh my god, really .....remember when auts uuh:) I remember that but mine was never THAT big. I'm sorry but it is hilarious. I really hope that hair fashion never ever come back.
    Beautiful photos and I love textures you have used.
    Sorry still smiling, this the absolutely the best.
    Hugs Henrietta

  19. love the coffee shot!! he he... shot of coffee! sorry. ;)

    ok... so I have a big bang theory...
    oh my gosh .. I am killing myself laughing today!
    sometimes I just can't help it!

    have a lovely day! I really did LOVE the coffee shot!

  20. We have almost similar BW w/ selective color shots! Great minds think alike, haha! :)

  21. Well you know I LOVE the 80's hair!!! The bigger the hair ~ the smaller the hips looked! haha ~ love it!
    xo Catherine

  22. Is that a Glamor Shots pic??? Love it!

    Your hunt entries are great. My fave is the B&W with color.

  23. Great shots, I love the treatment of the first shot!

  24. Boy, what a variety of images in one post - all unique, all creative and all fun. Ahh, I remember the Farah hair days so well!!!!! Love the glam shot!!!

  25. Wonderful photos, the mocha looks great and I love the texture. The colors on the pool debris are interesting, and the big hair shot is impressive!

  26. Good morning! I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope to see several wonderful shots like these in 2011!!!! Cheers & kiss, Cy


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