Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some More of my 365 day Photo's

Well I am back and I must say have had a busy couple of weeks.
I hope everyone's holidays went well and I can't wait to stop by
and visit everyone..  I am very happy to say I have been keeping up
with my photos.  So I have a lot to share with you!

Day #117
When I took this photo it was pretty early in the morning and it had been
raining most of the night!   Yea we don't get much of that here in Vegas..

Day #118 
I just love this photo..  I must have taken 20 shots of these guys..
It was taken in a field out in Arizona not far from my Mom & Dad's House..
They even had one black sheep.. But he keep on hiding behind all the White sheep.. 

Day #119 
This is a pretty cool bell that is hanging out in my Parents Yard..

Day #120 
I took this shot on Christmas day!  My Mother In-law loves to feed these little
guys.  The sad thing is that there  has been a big
 Hawks swooping down and taking them away..

Day #121 
Is it real?  I'm not telling!

Day #122 
Believe it or not we still have some green bushes in our yard..
When I woke up on this morning they had water droplet's all over it.
I don't no why!  It hadn't rained!  I am just hoping we don't have
a broken water pipe.. Yikes!

Day #123 
This is a side view of a Sun I have that hangs in my backyard..
The photo didn't turn out to well, so that is always a good
time to play around with it in photo shop!

Thanks so much for stopping by,
 and Thanks so much for all your
kind comments
I wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Years!
Hugs, Linda


  1. Love all these shots! :) Especially the one of the rose.

  2. Each is so lovely Linda!
    I wish you a beautiful New Year.


  3. Happy New Year to you dear Linda!
    xo Catherine

  4. Very beautiful shots! Happy New Year!

  5. what a beautiful collection of shots you took during your little break, hope you have a wonderful new year, see you in 2011!

  6. Hi LInda, great photos! Love the little birdie the most, great shot of her!

  7. Every one of these images is beautiful. Such eye candy to end the year. I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR with many more spectacular images to share with us!

  8. Happy New Year!! What a gorgeous selection of photographs, each one is so effective. Looking forward to sharing more of your gorgeous photos in 2011!

  9. Beautiful photos, Lisa! I love especially that bell and what you did to the sun! Have a wonderful 2011! And thanks so much for all your lovely comments at my blog - I appreciate that so much! xo, Rosie


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