Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some of my 365 day shots.....

OK..  Really I only have one of my 365 shots here today.
The rest are just some random shot..

Day #222
 Here are some more shots of the little humming bird that
has been sticking around all winter long..
He is sitting in our neighbors tree.. So the shot is a little
fuzzy..  He is pretty far away..

 Another shot..  I am thinking about naming him..
He is always around..  Almost like a pet..  So do you got any good ideas
for a name?

The rest of these shots are from the other week when we
took that hike through the railroad tunnels..
This one is taken from inside the tunnel.  OK.. it really isn't that green
here in the desert..  But a little saturation and presto.. I live some where greener..

I just love this shot..  I don't know these people but they do look like they were
having a nice and relaxing day!!  Taking in the scenery..

This is a pretty busy trail..  It's a nice easy walk..
and so pretty..  Lake mead is off to the right..
It was a perfect day for a hike..  Then the wind came up..

Near the end of our hike the sun was getting lower and
I just loved the way the sun shined on these power lines..
I did my best to get a good shot..  It look so much pretty in person..

Thats all I have for today..  Thanks so much for all the sweet comments.
They really do make my day!!
I should be back for Scavenger Hunt Sunday..

Till then..

Hugs, Linda 


  1. You have some very cool candid shots there my friend. The walking path is of my favorites, but your 365 pictures are always so full of life. You have a fantastic eye for the simple beauty in life.

  2. oh I love these shots, the light with those people sitting on the bench is absolutely fantastic, they are a really great set of photographs

  3. These are great Linda!
    LOVE the third one.
    Beautiful framing!

  4. Cool shots Linda, that little hummingbird looks cold in this weather we've been having! That's a really neat shot of the powerlines too, love how the sun makes them glow.

  5. I like the little birds! So cute!
    xo Catherine

  6. More cool shots Linda, love that evening shot of the power lines, the bird with the dried leaf on the tree is very cool too!

  7. Those last few photos make me want to go out and enjoy a walk!


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