Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some of my 365 day shots.....

I can not believe it has been a whole week
since I posted.  I just could didn't get a chance..

So here are a whole lot of random shots..
no rhyme or reason..   Just playing with my camera.

Day #210
 This shot was taken early in the morning..
My Cats just love hagging out on the patio..

Day #212
 The hubby and I just love to take hikes..
This shot was taken at Boulder City, NV, Railroad tunnels.
They are right next to lake mead..

Day #213

 I was doing a little spring cleaning in my Kitchen..
These are little bottle that hold my spices..
They got a good scrub..

Day #214
 I always like to try to get photos of little statues.. Usually they don't
turn out..  But I kinda like the way this one did..

Day #215
 This shot was taken for scavenger hunt Sunday.. 
The word prompt was Tiny..  Is this the tiniest close pin you have ever seen..
I didn't get a chance to play..  So Sad.. 

Day #216
 I just loved the way this looked in the light..  I really don't even know what it is.. 
And I am really surprised it turned out..   The wind was blowing so hard that day..

Day #217
 This shot was taken at my Mom and Dads house..
It is a Mexican Bird of paradise getting ready to bloom..  

Day #218
We got out of town for a bit.. 
We pulled our trailer down to Arizona and parked
right on the Colorado River..   It just happened to be an off week
and the temperature reached up over 100 degrees..
Man was it hot..  Good think we had power and an Air Conditioner or
we would have turned around and headed home.. 

Well there you have it.  All my random shot..
I do hope everyone has a great week...

Hugs, Linda


  1. Oh Linda ~ you keep outdoing yourself and just keep getting better and better. Fantastic photos my friend!

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!
    xo Catherine

  2. Linda I cant believe what a great array of photos you have, just fabulous, those glass jars are just brilliant!!!!

  3. great shots as always Linda...but me being the cat lover that I am...great shot of the precious one and those tunnels look interesting.

  4. Great shots, and so different and unique.

  5. Love your shots Linda, but of course I'm partial to the kitty shot, and I do love how you captured your trailer on the river...very nice!

  6. Lovely shots Linda, my favorite is the trailer parked by Colorado river, very cool!

  7. Beautiful have great fun out and about. My fave ( I like to pick a favourite, hope that is ok ) is the spiky/hairy, green and yellow plant, I love the richness of the colours in it. xx

  8. Day 215 is wonderful shot and edit. You should make a poster from that.

  9. These are wonderful Linda!
    I especially love the first one.

  10. Great pictures! Who knew little bottles could be so interesting!?


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