Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Hello Everyone..
It's Sunday..  That means it time for a 
Scavenger Hunt.


I just love this photo.  It was taken at Calico Ghost Town.
To me it looks like at any minute the strong wind could just blow it
right over..

Groups of three
I know what you are thinking..  
This is the only thing you could come up with?
  Three Rocks?

 Kitchen - Day #206

These colorful bottle sit on the window sill of my kitchen
window.  I just wish I would have dusted them before I snapped off this shot.

Things that make you go Hum - Day #209
I must admit I am pretty good at doing these Sudoku puzzles.
I just love them..  But every now and then I have to use my thinker and say Hummmm..

Me Time - Day #211
One of my favorite things to do for me time is sit and read one of 
my favorite magazines while sipping on tea listening to music..

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Thanks Ashley for another fun week!


  1. So creative! The first shot is like from "little house on the prairie". I love the kitchen pic, nice colors and shapes.

  2. The first photo is beautiful. It made me think of the "The Three Little Pigs"...I'm gonna blow your house down! Nice shots.

  3. Great set for the scanvenger hunt!!! I love all them. Ok I take that back I really LOVE decay. What a neat looking building
    Have a good one!!!

  4. They are all so great, Linda...but I really LOVE the first 2. Gorgeous!

  5. I don't know why, but I am in love with that rock shot. Good job. :)

    Marla @

  6. Love the color of that first one, the decay picture. I just love all the abandoned buildings that people are posting! :) I also really liked your kitchen shot, not just the green bottle but all the colors in the picture are really great! :)

  7. <3 the first shot! I have a {thing} for old buildings like this!

    t @ emmons-blessings

  8. love your rocks ;-) all your shots are great!

  9. Oh your photos are so, so clean and crisp and beautiful deep colour. When I first saw the timber house i thought it was a model made out of match sticks...weird hey. Love the rocks and your beautiful bottles.

  10. Wonderful photos! Love the decay and the groups of three shots! And the bottles are beautiful! with or without the dust. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Beautiful shots, Linda. There is such beauty in the simplicity of yes, three rocks!

  12. These are all so wonderful - I especially love your decay shot.

  13. Love all your shots! Especially like the decay. I'm terrible at Sudoku! Humm!

  14. Linda, love the photos. I am especially fond of the pic with the colored bottles. The depth and vibrancy is fantastic.

  15. Linda, great set! I love the old building for decay.

  16. All great interpretations! Love your funky decay shot, and your bottles are so pretty! :)

  17. That decay shot is absolutely gorgeous!!!! You nailed that shot for sure!

  18. Really great shots! Love the decay and groups of 3.

  19. Another series of terrific photos Linda ~ fantastic!
    xo Catherine

  20. Great set of images. I too just love sudoku.

  21. 3 Rocks-rocks. No worries. I enjoyed all of your, wow, and more wow. I love the decay shot-great processing. Just so you know-Sudoku here too. You're not alone.

  22. Awesome photos Linda!! I love the house at Calico and actually I like the rocks!!

  23. I like those three little rocks…they look lovely! :)

  24. What great photos for the prmopts Linda! I think my favorite is the one of the rocks. Beautifully composed and captured!
    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Wonderful collection of photos, Linda! You are such an amazing woman! I love them all!

  26. I loved everything you posted here ...
    the photos are amazing!
    you are very sensitive
    invite you to know my space
    'm already following you ...

  27. Great collection! Love your style of photography. Following you now!


  28. These are fabulous. The decay photo is quite amazing and captured so well! I also adore the colours in your group of three. Have been having a break from blogging so have missed seeing all your wonderful photos!

  29. That's a lovely hunt full of great shots!


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