Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some of my 365 day Photo's

I am back just to share a couple of my daily photos..

Day #187

This shot is from the hedge in our front yard.  I am so happy
to see so many buds on it..

Day #184
So does it seem like I am a crazy cat lady..
It seems like almost every post has a shot of my kitty..


These shots below were taken a while ago when we took a trip
to Calico Ghost Town..

Oh no...  More cat shots..  I am a crazy cat lady..

This little guy was hanging out by this abandon car.
I do believe he lived in it.

Here is another shot of of him sleeping in that same car..
He does look pretty happy!

These bird were running all over..  I'm pretty sure it is a
Quail..  But not positive..

Another shot of them standing right on the edge of a cliff..
It was kinda hard to get a shot of them cause they were so fast..

Thanks so much for stopping by..
Hugs, Linda


  1. Aw, great shots of all the kitties! I really like the Calico Ghost town kitty in the car and of course your "Cuddles." Looks like quail to me too! Great shots!

  2. love those cat shots, these are all so great.

  3. Wonderful shots, Linda...I love the last one of the quail peeking over the edge, you can just imagine it's thoughts "Oh boy, that a looooong way down."

  4. All of these are so the last one with that pretty texture.

  5. Beautiful shots, I especially like the close up of your cat!

  6. Linda all these photos are so beautiful......each one a little story and little work of art, love them.

  7. Wonderful shots Linda!
    I wish you a beautiful weekend.

  8. Your pictures are fabulous - just simply enjoy looking at them!

  9. I love love the kitty near and in the old car!! =) I love cats... when they are not being difficult!! ha ha!~ ;)

  10. That poor little guy in the abandoned car looks adorable!


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