Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some of my 365 day Photo's


How are you?

I am back with some of my daily photo's.

But before we get started I just to wish everyone a
St. Patricks day if you celebrate it.
I always have fun on this day.. At school we have our Leprechaun hunt..
And of course we eat cookies with green sprinkles and we
all have our Green on so we don't get pinched..  I have my
corned beef and cabbage in the slow cooker..  I just know it's going
to be a Happy Day!!!

Day #198

These are just a couple of shot I got from our neighbors tree..
It's in full bloom..  And so are my allergies.

Day #199

Ahhhh,  Sweet Spring..  Time for all things new..

Day #201

I just know I will finish this baby blanket one day!!

Day #200

Whoo Hooo...  Day 200
And still going strong.
Hee Hee...

Day #202

I think I see Zucchini Bread in my future..

Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me
It does make me feel all happy inside when you leave me
a sweet little comment..


  1. Just stunning Linda. Love the flora and fauna but I am deeply in love with your knitting shot. Just perfect comfort being birthed there. Hugs Cherry XXx

  2. Beautiful, beautiful photos, all of them, but I have to have a fave and today it is the baby blanket ...the colours are so pretty and I love the soft focus.

  3. oh wow, pretty images, love them all, especially the zucchini sprout, that inspired me to get into my garden and DO something, LOL!
    I can smell corn beef too, dinner must be good! Happy St. Patrick's Day my friend! : )

  4. Another set of fantastic photos Linda ~ wonderful!

    Hope you had a terrific day today!
    xo Catherine

  5. These are all pretty shots Linda! I like the colors in the first ones, and those little sprouts are so cool! Can't wait to see the crocheted blanket!

  6. wonderful wonderful shots, and those sprouts look like great things will come too, hope you had a great St patrick's day!

  7. Wonderful shots, Linda! Signs of spring everywhere :-) Your St. Patrick's day seems to have been a lot of fun :-)

  8. Another lovely set. I love the tree blossoms, Day #200, and the zucchini sprout peeking out.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend! :)

  9. These are beautiful Linda!!
    I especially like #200.
    Wonderful photograph.


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