Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Happy Sunday to everyone out thier..
I do hope everyone is enjoying there weekend.
The weather here in Vegas is beautiful, so I will be spending
a little time outside..

I played along again this week with Ashley's
Scavenger Hunt..

Here are my Interpretation of this week prompts..

Diptych Day #185

My daughter and I went out shopping (At Target). And out in
the parking lot they had these bushes with Bees swarming all over them.
So I pulled out the camera and got some shots..  My daughter was
cracking up.  She couldn't believe I just happened to have my camera in my
Great Big Purse I have..   Of course I had my Camera..  Wouldn't You!

Book - Day #188
I put more than one book..  Is that OK!

 Fill in the blank - Day #186

 When I think about how ____much_joy___ is in  ____my heart___,
 I just have  to ___smile__.

I know how corny that sounds but it is the only thing I could even come up with...
I really hate taking self portraits..  And this isn't my first.. But I just hate the way I look
in photos..  So with a little editing it isn't quit as bad..

A Taste of Italy - Day #190

I had no idea what I was going to do with this shot..  On Saturday morning
Walked by my curio cabinet and spotted this old can..
So you know I had to use it in this shot..


When life gets a little tough I always have little REMINDERS Like this
to remind me it's all small stuff..

Same shot in living color!!

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Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a peek at
my photo's..

Hugs, Linda


  1. Your diptych is lovely! Great Reminder shot... I have the book. You just "reminded" of that. I haven't read it in ages.

  2. Love that diptych, and such wonderful colours in your Taste of Italy image - fab!

  3. Those are so good. I really like the diptych and the Taste of Italy!

    Hugs. Raymonde. xxx

  4. Oh how lovely!!!! That taste of Italy is my favorite and your smile is very pretty!!!! ♥

  5. Wonderful set of images. I always forget the scavenger hunt.

  6. Looks like a fun weekend - lovely photos : )

  7. Beautiful blog - splendid photos!
    I loved it.
    leave a Brazilian hug.

  8. I was really drawn in by your Italy shot. The colors are wonderful. I too enjoy reading Don't Sweat the Small Stuff to remind myself what is important to me and worthy of my energy.

  9. Wowie! I too had my eye caught by your Italy shot but that diptych is a stunner! Beautiful!

  10. Love it that you took your camera shopping ~ well why not if you have room to put it in your purse! :) Pretty photos Linda!

    Happy Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  11. You have a wonderful smile!
    The bee on the flower? So cool! I love it!

  12. Love these - I tote my camera just about everywhere - you just NEVER know when you will need it :D I don't know that I have every brought it into Target though. HA!

  13. Awesome shots, Linda. I could never pick a favorite because they are all special.

  14. Nice job with all of your shots this week Linda! I really like your book shot because of the softness, and your diptych with the bee. :-)

  15. Wonderful diptych and I never would have thought you would have taken that shot outside of a Target store. Taking your camera with you really paid off. Your Italy shot is wonderful too.

  16. I like all of these, but that diptych is stunning with the warm yellow and the close up of the bee. Great job!

  17. Great captures, I love your diptych, book and Taste of Italy!

  18. Lovely shots. I always have my camera with me, too. :)

    Marla @

  19. Wonderful job - I especially love your diptych.

  20. Your photos are all so fave is the olive oil tin but all of them are full of life. I am totally with on self portraits, they are to be avoided at all costs, but yours is great, and i love your words.

  21. These are wonderful, Linda. Love the reminder!

  22. Great shots Linda, especially the one for the bees, yes, we all have our camera with us in our purse, because we are blogger!!! LOL!

  23. Great shots!! I love your take on reminders - so creative :)

  24. Love all the shots!! You so inspired me I took a bunch of pics today :)

  25. wonderful! you look lovely as usual and I just love your take on all the prompts.

  26. Love your diptych. The two photos look great next to each other. Beautiful Italy photo too!

  27. Fabulous interpretations! Lovely diptych! Glad you had your camera with you!

  28. Fun shots and I really like your diptych!

    Have a great Monday!

  29. Oh wow, Linda, your set is as impressive as always! I love all your ideas and what you make of them! And yes, I would also have my camera with me (at least the point and shoot), and I love that selfie!

  30. Love the diptych and the fact that you carry your camera around in your purse. lol How else are you going to be ready when a great shot presents itself?

  31. WoW WoW WoW Lov your phoography Lynda!!!!
    What camera/lens do you use if you dont mind me asking????

  32. Thanks for your comment on my Garlic still life. You have a lovely blog. I love the colors and processing in your photos!

  33. This is just wonderful Linda, and I LOVE the way you filled in the blanks!
    Truly cannot ask for more than that! :-)


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