Monday, November 8, 2010


This is the word prompt Justine has come up with for this week at


Aspiration 1. Strong desire, longing or aim; ambition. 2. A goal or objective desired. 3. Act of aspirating; breath.

This one was a tough one for me.  Not that I don't have any
Aspirations.  It was trying to get  a photo of one!

Day #73

Like I said this one had me stumped..  So I played around with
the word and added a little texture..
I guess if your really think about it, I guess I am
Aspiring to be a better photographer..  Yea! We will go with that!

Day #72 
I got this shot at about 10:00 pm. last night..  When I realized I had
not pick up my camera..  So of course you get a bad shot of
my Cat.  No matter how much I played around with this
photo I could not get it to look good..

Thanks for stopping by!  If you want to see all the
other shots for The Sunday Creative just pop
on over to Justine's Blog


  1. absolutely perfect! love your photograph and your texture and it is so good for aspiration, thank you!

  2. Linda, don't fret.....that cat photo seems to make us think we are seeing through his eyes in the dark. Like your own night vision shot. I like it alot.

  3. Aw, I like Cuddles! It looks like a portrait to me. Your Aspiration shot is pretty. :-)

  4. That first one is gorgeous. Wonderful worK!!
    I love the shot of "kitty." Those eyes re amazing!

  5. Well thanks for coming by my blog. You're doing a wonderful job with your textures, and with your photographs, though you are right about the cat - although if you're trying to get a true likeness of your cat it's in trouble, but if you're looking for interest, it's not bad at all. Next time you drop by, please tell me how you found me. Good to have you visit and I hope to see you often.

  6. Great shot and texture Linda - great colour too. I like the cat shot because of the colour and the atmosphere it seems to give. Cherry XXX

  7. Linda, I am struggling with the Sunday Creative too and the time change isn't helping, when I get home now its almost dark.
    Thanks for some inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  8. Hi Linda,
    I've just spent time enjoying your photography. You are very talented and I especially like how you use textures. I'll continue to 'follow' you!! (P.S. I found you through Scott's blog)

  9. Your textured aspiration flower is really gorgeous. I know that "oh crap it's 10 pm" shooting. Your cat is cute-not to worry.


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