Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some of my 365 day Photo's

Well here are some pretty random photo.
I always say to myself that I am going to try to
post my Daily shots every day..  But I just can't find the
time on most days..  I find myself spending more time
taking the photos and playing around with them on the computer,
than posting them..  And that's alright by me!
I always say if it make me happy it's alright!

Day #79

Last weekend we took a little trip up to Arizona to visit my in-laws.
And this is there beautiful kitty..  She look so sweet and Innocent.  But let me
tell you, don't you dare turn your back on her.  She is not as sweet as she looks.
But she does have the most beautiful eyes...

My MIL love her bird's..  She feed them.  On those hot summer days she keeps
Ice in there bird baths.  Now she is trying to find a way to heat the water in the winter..
I sat all morning watching these little guys play in the water..   I am surprised I got any
half way decent shots of them..  The sun was on the wrong side of them.. And every time
I tried to get around them they would all fly away!!

Day #80

This is a shot of a little plant my hubby bought in August..
I told him I didn't think it was going to last a month in the heat we
were having...   I was wrong!!!   It is still  hanging in there!

Day #81

 So I must say I love!!!  Really LOVE!!! 
My coffee.  And this is a photo of my favorite mug.  I got this mug
while I was on Vacation in Portland, Oregon..  And I use it almost every day.
It just makes me feel all warm and cozy.  Even in the middle of summer!

You won't believe this but while I was trying to take the photo of my Wonderful
coffee mug,  I looked out my kitchen window and a hummingbird was at the
feeder.  So I snapped off a shot.. The crazy thing is that I had my macro lens on..
The feeder is about 12 feet away..  Not the best shot, But not to bad either..

Day #82

Here is a photo of an old mason jar that sits in my kitchen window sill..
As you can tell I played around with it..   Do you think I over did it?

Well that's all I have for now!  But I will be back with
more photo for this 365 day journey I am on.

Thanks so much for stopping by..

Hugs, Linda


  1. You are so good Linda, your shots are great, I enjoy every single one of them, thanks for sharing!

  2. you have such a great eye, these are such fabulous shots - I especially love the birds splashing, so well captured.

  3. whoa....the blue-eyed beauty at the top...gosh what an amazing shot of such a beautiful cat..then one just as good as the other amaze me with your camera prowess.

  4. A lovely collection. I particularly liked the birds bathing, so well captured! How amazing that you had time to catch the Hummingbird. I was intrigued to see it as we dont have any here in Australia.

  5. Great shots, Linda. That is exactly why I do not like cats myself. Had too many of them swipe at me when I was growing up. Most of the evil ones were siamese but there were others too. Love the bird bath photo. Has your MIL thought of a fish aquarium heater that sits underwater? Something she could look into. If it works you'll have made her day. Kudos for you!

  6. These are just incredible. I love 79 (your cat) and 80 a lot!

  7. Amazing...just amazing Linda...WOW..Your really inspire me with these photos..I want to make a plan similar to this for the new year!

  8. All of these are wonderful Linda, but the eyes on that kitty? Beyond gorgeous!!!

  9. Those photos are all so beautiful - and such a variety of things you shoot! I really love that! And it's absolutely right to do it the way YOU are happy with! And I don't think you overdid it! :-) Love, Rosie

  10. oh, wow, your photographs look beautiful, I love the first one with the cat's blue eyes and the splashing birds is such a great capture I'm very impressed

  11. I love all of these shots Linda, but I especially love the little birds playing in the bath. They look so cute and look as if they are having such a wonderful time!

  12. These are all wonderful!!! I can't even pick my favorite!


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