Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just some Random Shots...

Hey there...
Just thought I would share some random shots I took
recently.  Change them into B&W so I could join in the fun over at 
This shot is of a pretty Yellow daisy..  Got it from my neighbor’s yard.
My hubby hates when I get shot from over there!
  I don't know why, just because I am laying on the ground in my neighbor’s yard is nothing to be embarrassed about...

I am so surprised she sat a posed for me.. I always have such a tough time getting a photo of her!

You can see all the other over here!

Thank You Lisa!

Thank for popping in!  Hope you enjoyed your stay!
Hugs, Linda


  1. I absolutely adore your black and white shots. I do the same, I was lying in the frost trying to get a shot the other day, what we do for the sake of art!

  2. Love these shots, Linda. I got electrocuted (shocked, really) on a fence once trying to get the right shot of a horse.....ouch!

  3. Fabulous! I love your comments as much as I love your photographs. How funny! The lengths we will go to for a good shot!!!

  4. Such a pretty kitty and great in black and white!

  5. Gorgeous kitty, gorgeous shots!

  6. Lovely shots Linda!!! Randy once asked if I could take the flash off in the restaurant in Switzerland, he said people are starring at us because I am taking photo for the food on my plate.

  7. Ooooooh your cat is so pretty. I adore her. She was just begging to have her shot taken. My cat is oblivious to when I take his picture anymore, lol!

  8. Both of these are excellent. Your husband should take a photo of you laying in your neighbors yard taking pictures so you can share it too. LOL!

  9. Great photos Linda, a very good one of Mittens indeed! Mittens also is great for B&W huh? Love it.

  10. Oh, these are beautiful! I especially love how the whiskers on the cat really stand out. :)


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