Monday, January 10, 2011

A Sunday Morning Stroll..

The Hubby and I took a little stroll on Sunday morning. We walk to a park not far
from our house. Usually I don't take my camera along when we take our
walks cause we would get no exercise.. I would have to stop every 5 min.
to take a photo..
Well I took my camera this time and like I said we got no exercise.
But it was a Beautiful day for a nice Sunday stroll..

So these shots to follow our from our walk!

Day #135

I can't believe this guy stopped barking long enough for me to
take his picture..

This is a photo of a some type of sage plant. You could
tell by the wonderful scent it had!

Now this plant is such a famous one that is here in the desert.
The Oleander.. I have never seen these little pods before.
I just love the way they looked in the morning light!

I  thought this looked so cool, I just had to get a shot of it..
I have no idea what it is!

A dried up rose. Still so pretty to me!

Some little birdies enjoying the beautiful morning!

This sign just cracked me up.. I had to get a shot of it!

Day #136
 This shot was taken this morning in my Backyard.. It is a little ivy plant I have
and I really can't believe it is still alive..

That's all I have for now..  Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs, Linda


  1. Beautiful images Linda... the RIP for that "last dog" is so funny!

  2. Makes you aware of how many spectacular visions there are on one single walk - just beautiful!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site. Your photography is just gorgeous! I will enjoy strolling through your blog.

  4. Love the dog sign.. funny stuff. Beautiful shots and I so know what you mean about taking camera on walks you end spending time taking pictures than walk and no exercise.

  5. What a wonderful and well lit shot of the puppy dog. His eyes are just so full of emotion. Great shots Linda. Oh and the dog sign... so funny!

  6. All awesome shots, Linda. Especially love the little birdies at the feeder against the sheet music background. You are soooooo talented!

  7. Beautiful pictures Linda.
    Bye Sandro e Cristina

  8. Great shots LInda, I love the ivy with the rope in the background. My ivy is still doing great too, it's the triple digits that it hates and that's when it gets all crunchy. Glad you took your camera on your walk, the desert plants look so pretty!

  9. I hope the pretty dog at the top is not the "last dog".......great sign:)
    Wonderful captures!

  10. I love that dog and that sign! did make me laugh, what great shots you took, glad you took your camera.

  11. You're lucky you had plants to shoot. All we have here now is a thick layer of snow. The dog is adorable and I love the texture usage of your bird pic.

  12. These are wonderful Linda! What a face on that first one, and know how I feel about withered roses!!! :-) Love it!!!

  13. What a fantastic set of photos, Linda! Thanks for taking me on your walk! :-) That sign made me laugh, too!

  14. Love the doggy poop sign! And I so know what you mean... it's either a good walk or a "camera" stroll. Seems you can't have both. I for one am very glad you took your camera, your photos are gorgeous.
    Thank you

  15. WOW! You take some beautiful photos!!

  16. Those are great! Love all the nature shots.

  17. Hi Linda, I admire your self-discipline. I have never managed to leave my camera behind. I may kick my wallet out of the purse if there is not enough space for my "baby". By the way I love your macro's. Have a lovely day!

  18. Great photos and I love the textured bird shot! The lab is adorable and that sign cracked me up!

  19. HI Linda, wonderful photos. That sage plant is a knockout. You have neighbours with a sense of humour. Carla

  20. Awesome photos Linda..Beautiful flowers and seed pods and the sign gave me quite a good laugh! :)

  21. These are so beautiful. I really love that red flower!

  22. You are very talented and I also love the "The last dog..." sign. :)

  23. I love green :-) and this plant. So vibrant.


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