Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some of my 365 day Photo's

I am finally getting around to getting some of my photo's
edited and posted..  This week has just flown by and kinda got
away from me.  These are my daily 365 photo's.  I do have some
photo's to share from my trip to Calico Ghost town.. But I am still editing
those..  I will have some of them up for Ashley's Scavenger Hunt.

Day #140

Words we should all live by!

Day #141

This photo was taken pretty early in the morning in Calico!
I just love trying to get photo's of Birds.

Day #144

At the beginning of the week here in Vegas it was pretty warm!
That always makes me want to work out in the yard..  I Planted some
of these pretty Pansy's. They always bring a little color to my yard.
I buy a whole flat of them every year..

Day #145

Another one of my last minute shot..  It was late and I had just realized that
I didn't get my shot in for the day..  Time to get creative..  And they taste pretty good also!

Day #146
Well I got this idea from Rosie's Blog..   She had taken a beautiful photo
of some Basil..  And then had asked us what our favorite herb was.
Well one of mine is Rosemary..  I love the way it smells.
And here in the desert it grows like a weed..

Thanks for the inspiration Rosie!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I should be back in just a few days for Ashley's Scavenger Hunt!

Hugs, Linda


  1. As always, great shots Linda! Love the bird shot. I never get anything that clear and close up. Wonderful!

  2. that bird shot is wonderful, amazing clarity, the robins in my garden fly away as soon as I am metres away, love your shots this week and lucky you to have rosemary everywhere.

  3. Of course the bird shots you get are some of my favorites, but I like the rosemary and those cookies look yummy!

  4. Alright, everything is beautiful until I scroll further down to that orio cookie, it is just too yummy that I need to go get myself one RIGHT NOW!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Again a wonderful set of photos, Linda! I always love to see your collection. Thanks so much for linking to my blog and taking up the theme! I love rosemary, too!

  6. Some wonderful shots as always! I love your bird...not exactly the easiest thing to take a photograph of..great work!

  7. Love the cookie and the Rosemary almost looks 3-D!

  8. I love the first photo, it like poetry:)

  9. These are fantastic Linda!
    I especially love the first one.
    Beautifully done!


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