Friday, October 29, 2010

A Bit Behind....

I have been a bit busy lately, but I have keep up on my
photos..   Just now getting around to posting some of them.

Day #55
I had gotten this old Lysol bottle a couple at least
a year ago and a antique shop.  It sits on my window
sill with all my other bottles.

 Day #56
I only got a couple of shots this day not real
happy with this one but it's much better than my other

Day #57
Here is another shot of one of my bottles that
 sits in my kitchen window sill.

Day #58
Yes it's that time of year again.  These Halloween photo's
are the only picture's I took this day.  It is my daughter
and her husband and friends, getting ready for a zombie walk.
They look so real to me..  SCARY

Day #59
Yep, It's another bottle from my kitchen window
sill.  I just love taking pictures of them..  I am
sure you will see more of these in the future.

Day #60
This shot is of some stamps I have in my craft room.

I still have a couple of shot to post before I am caught up.
Busy. Busy.

Thanks for coming by and visiting.

Hugs, Linda


  1. I was wondering why I hadn't seen anything from you lately, hoped you hadn't given up, it is quite tough keeping ideas going isn't it? I love your halloween!

  2. Hi Linda, love the bottle collection. I have some that I actually excavated myself from beneath an old sea captain's house I owned once. Seems they used the dirt basement as a bottle dump. My favorite is a Cliquot Club soda bottle as I have two of them and the logo on the bottom changed/improved. I have them posted on my blog somewhere if you are interested in seeing them. Nice to see you posting again.

  3. Beautiful photos, Linda! And such an interesting variety! I seem to always end up shooting leaves or flowers...!

  4. Sweet spooky little goblins! Wonderful shots. I especially like the first one.


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