Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day #48
It is so hard to get a shot of these little guys. I tried to sneak up on
them to get a shot.. This is the best one I could get.

Day #47
I have been so busy.   I snapped this shot in a hurry first thing
in the morning. I knew I would be pretty busy the rest
of the day!  Not the best shot, But it not bad for the rush I
was in..  I got this shot of a dried up leaf on the wall in my backyard.

Day #46
Well I had a Birthday this week and I got some of my
favorite flowers..

Day #45
I just love the way this potpourri looks.

Day #44
Here is another kitty picture.. I am sure you will see lots
of these types of pictures on this little journey of 365 days.


  1. oh I love your pictures! that bird is amazing, your cat is beautiful and there are all fantastic! I love how each picture is always so different.

  2. Great shots. I love the first one a lot. I'm always a sucker for a kitty!

  3. Yea! There's that little yellow bird you've been telling me about! No, I still haven't seen any of those on my side of town. :-( I love all of your shots, and of course, just like Pam said, you know I'm a sucker for a kitty shot too!

  4. What wonderful photos, Linda! I love them!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Linda!
    It sounds like it was a wonderful trip, and you surely got some wonderful captures!


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