Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am back..

Day #61

Here is a shot of a flower from my front yard..
I snapped this right before we took off on our trip.
I did tell you I was away..  I am in Zion National Park..
So pretty here..

Day #62

I got this shot from right here in our campground.
There were a couple of these bee's and they were pretty busy.
I just love the way his wings were so flat and straight.

Day #63

This is my favorite time of year to come up here.
The leaves are all changing.. We don't really see much of that
in the Vegas.  See the waterfall in the background..

Day #64

This guy was so friendly..  He was just was just
begging to get his picture taken..

I will post some more picture of my trip from Zion when
I get home.

Hugs, Linda


  1. Your photos are looking wonderful Linda! Ummm... except perhaps for the donkey nostrils. :)

    xo Catherine

  2. I love the wings on that bee, fantastic and what a lovely donkey!

  3. Wonderful photos, Linda! That bee is amazing! I'm looking forward to your pictures from Zion!

  4. Love your photos! That bee looks like he's in take off mode! Isn't it nice to be somewhere where you can take photos of beautiful leaves!?

  5. I always enjoyed your photo, every single one of them, they are so beautiful, regardless where they were taken from, kitchen or zion national park.... they are all so gorgeous, I love reading about them too! I know what you mean when you said your husband freak out when you took your camera with you for dinner, Randy once asked me if I could shut the flash down so no one would stare at us in the tiny restaurant in Switzerland.

  6. I love this shot of this,,what a perspective!!!


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