Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

I hope everyone is having a nice a relaxing Sunday..
I am so glad I got to play along this week in
Ashley's Scavenger Hunt..

I just love all the promps she comes up with..

So this is what I came with for this week.

1. Golden
I snapped this shot few months ago.. I did take a few shots for
this weeks prompt, but they just didn't work out.
So I had to pull out my back up shot.

 2. Smell
My hubby just loves smoking these smelly things...

3. Fruit - Day #35

4. Simple
I took this photo while on a walk to the park.
It is not what I had in mind at all for my simple shot..

This is what I had in mind..
I could not believe it when I went to have a cup of tea
the other day and this is what it said...  How perfect is that..
Now if I could only live by those words..

5. Sport - Day #34
One of my favorite sports to Watch and Play...

So if you want to play along or just check out
all the other wonderful photo go check out
Ashley's blog at Ramblings and Photo's.

Thanks for stopping by,

Hugs, Linda


  1. I really like your sport and golden shots!

  2. Great photography for this week's selections!!

  3. Love the tennis shot's point of view! I totally agree with you about the cigar being smelly. Ewww!

  4. Great shots! I love the focus on that sports capture and I'd like to have that strawberry! :-)

  5. i love the tennis and the smell cigar.. my dad spoked those too... golden is clever

  6. So I thought I just had one favorite and then I realized how much I loved each of these photos. Really great work this week Linda. I loved your interpretations!

  7. Great shots! You took the bee picture I have always wanted to be able to take, and I love your first simple shot!

  8. Fantastic shots, every one!!!

  9. Great shots...LOVE the simple one!

  10. these are absolutely fantastic and I can't pick a favourite, I love them all!

  11. Hi Linda, they all turned out great! I really like the sport shot, nice job! The strawberries look yummy and hey, I've seen that cigar smokin' guy somewhere before. LOL! Great idea.

  12. Lovely images Linda, my favorite is the bee, and can't believe that Bruce let you take his picture? that must be fun!
    Was nice meeting you again last night, I hope you guys have fun as much as we did!

  13. Great shots, I really like the simple shot and sports shot!

  14. Great shots. I love your close up macro shots. They are amazing. I got a bee pic the other day. I posted it on my personal blog.
    I think I just got a little lucky.

    I want to eat that strawberry.

  15. They're all beautiful but simple and sports are my favs :)

  16. I love the simple shots! Isn't that the cool thing about blogging? It makes you notice the little stuff.

  17. Love the tennis shot, it was always my favorite sport in high school. Your shots are great!

  18. Beautiful strawberry shot! My smell shot was my husbands pipe!

  19. Wow these are amazing! I really love your simple and golden shots. Great job!

  20. Our simple shot is almost identical!!

    Love the one of the strawberries! Makes me want one right now! hehe

  21. The smell shot is great imaging and the tone is right on. Your tennis shot is great as well :)

  22. all your photos are great. I love your first bee shot - the focus is spot-on, but then the sports show and simple are also wonderful.

  23. Love the shot of the bee. Your whole hunt is great, I love your photos and the way to capture light.
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great

  24. love your strawberry photo....
    it looks scrumptious.

    and your tea photo.
    i love to start the day with a cup of tea.
    it's very comforting.


  25. Fantastic photos Linda....really beautiful. I love them all.

  26. Awesome...the first one is mindblowing....


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