Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Hello my Friends..

How has your weekend been?

Lets just say I have had a nice and relaxing weekend..
Just the way I like it!!!   I really can't believe it is already May!
Where does the time go.

I am back with this weeks Scavenger Hunt..

So lets get to it..   Here we go!!!

Architecture  - Day 246

Here in Vegas there are so many beautiful buildings..
I would have love to make it down to the Strip to get some shots..
But I didn't, so here is a photo of a locals favorite Casino..
 Right here in Henderson!

Rimmed with Light

OK..  I must admit this one was taken from the archives..

My sweet little Grandsons toes..

This is my Favorite
Myles and Me!! 
Definitely my favorite..

Shades of Yellow..

Well there you have it..  Another fun week..
If you want to check out all the other Photos for the
Scavenger Hunt you can stop by Ashley's Blog!!

Thanks Ashley for another great week!!

And Thank you for stopping by!!

Hugs, Linda


  1. very creative! i just love baby toes and feet, love how they are not"damaged/worn out" by the world yet!! such purity! great job

  2. Your favorite photo is so sweet and I love your take on shades. Beautiful yellow flowers!

  3. Aw, there's the feet! Cute Linda, especially the photo of you and Myles. Love the yellows too. :-)

  4. A lot of beautiful photos here today Linda! But oh that sweet Myles ~ indeed the best!!

    Happy Sunday my friend!
    xo Catherine

  5. Your rimmed with light one is fantastic!!

  6. Linda, Myles has that look of adoration for his Grandma..........and you are giving that look right back! Awesome photo.

  7. Oooh I love your take on shades - why didn't I think of that. And your architecture shot is beautiful. That sweet shot (your favorite) is so sweet.

  8. Oh that look is just one to cherish Linda. I love your take on shade.

  9. Love that "this is my favorite"!!! Cute newborn toes are well cute!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!!

  10. All gorgeous ! You and your grandson......oh, I can just feel the love. shades of yellow, love yellow, it's such an inspiring colour. The Casino it, the richness of colour and the depth and all that beautiful negative space in between the building and the trees. Oh, your photos make me happy !!!!

  11. OH my, I love those little toes as much as you do, and I have to agree that grandma and myles look great together!

  12. Miles is a doll...and I LOVE that name. Your rimmed with light capture is gorgeous!

  13. These are all delightful! I couldn't pick a favourite! Love your interpretation of 'shades' :)

  14. Your Rimmed with Light is just beautiful (!) and I love your interpretation of Shades... very creative! :)

  15. These are wonderful, Linda!!! Your shades collection is fabulous (love that waterdroplet, too), the toes shot is priceless, and the one with Miles is precious beyond words. It would be pretty blown up and hung on your wall. Your photography is amazing. I'm off to go check out this week's I can participate in the hunt.

  16. I love your photos so much, Linda! Such a wonderful collection!

  17. All are wonderful and sweet. Love the shades of yellow and the beauty of a child. Have a wonderful week.

  18. Great Pics. I love baby toes! Your Shades of Yellow pic is Great!

  19. Wonderful interpretations of the prompts Linda, and I am so loving those little feet!!

  20. Love those toes! So cute :D And your shades of yellow collage - such a creative interpretation!

  21. What a cute little baby! Love that shade collage as well. :)


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