Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some of my 365 day shots.....

Hello Everyone.. 
I am back with some more of my daily shots..
Still trying to get caught up.
It is crazy how fast you can get behind..
I still have the last two days still in my camera..

Day #254

My Girlfriend Becca got me started on collecting these jars.
They are perfect to store buttons and bobbins and fun craft items in!!
Or they just look wonderful empty on my window sill..

Day #255
It's that time of year..  I just love taking photos of flowers
I also love to see everyone else's photos of flowers.. 
So many different variates..

Day #253 
Here she is staring me down..  My Moms cat is one mean cat.. 
My parents have the battle wounds on there arms to prove it.. 
Thanks goodness I had my zoom lens..  So I really wasn't that close..
Or she would have me for Lunch..

Day #256
I just love these tiny little flowers that are on my Yucca bush..
And so do the hummingbirds.. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I appreciate all your kind words so much.. 



  1. All wonderful shots. I love your jars and the cat looks too nice to be bad

  2. I laughed at the contrast - pretty flower, scary staunch cat, pretty flower - great set of photos

  3. I love the photo of the jars, they look fantastic. Can't believe that beautiful cat could be so mean.

  4. Great shots, Linda. The glass jars look beautiful but that cat.....I'd watch out if I were you, she looks like she means business. :)

  5. It always amazes (and inspires) me when I see simple objects (like jars!!!) turned into a beautiful photo. I like how the muted colors almost make it look like a painting. Your mom's cat is pretty, but she does look like she means business. I'm glad you had your zoom lens, too! Great shots, Linda. I enjoyed every one.

  6. All pictures are great.
    Have a nice day.

  7. Oo, love your new look here Linda, so much better than the black, it looks so refreshing! :-) Great shots, and that kitty sure does look a bit mean. I really like how the light and colors played on the Ball Jars.

  8. I collect mason jars, too. :)

    And I love the color/light/charm to the jars!

  9. There's something magical about your jar shot. I LOVE those jars and the colors you captured are just beautiful!

  10. The photograph of the Yucca is absolutely breathtaking Linda!

  11. Like i said before, your photos make the best calendar pictures!


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