Monday, May 30, 2011

Such a sweet site to see…

Hello to all out there..
I am back to show you some more of my daily photos..
I am so far behind on posting them.  But I have definitely been having fun keeping up
with my shots. 
So today not in any particular order are some flowers shots I have taken
over the last couple of weeks..

Day #259259.365
This here particular flower is in my back yard..  It is a Geranium.
I just love Geraniums and it seems like they do OK here in the desert heat..

Day #261261.365
 Here is a sunflower.. I just love them.. They are such a happy flower. 
I received a bunch of them from a little boy at school..  

Day #264264.365
 I really don't know what kind of flower this is.. 
This flower was in another big bouquet that I received from 
one of the other kids at school.. 
Do you know what it is?

Day #267267.365
 This photo was taken in front of a little shop we visited in 
San Clemente, CA.  Like I always say they have so many beautiful flowers all
over in California, One's you never see here in the desert.
I just love it. 

Day #268
This shot was taken from a tree that was in the campground that we
stayed at in Carlsbad, CA..  I have no idea what it is, But it sure does look cool.

So there are some pretty flower for you to see.. 
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.. 
I appreciate all your sweet comments. 

Hugs, Linda


  1. Thanks for the photo's beautiful ! They are all gorgeous. I too love geraniums, I think their colours have so much depth and puity to them. My fave is the sunflower, I love the angle you have taken it from. The other yellow flower might be a dahlia ? xx

  2. Beautiful. First and third are my faves.

  3. I love macro...and these make me feel like I am inside the flower. Beautiful!

  4. All so beautiful and such diversity among the flowers.:)Have a great day!

  5. Beautiful! Love all the color and your Geraniums look so happy. I have one that color, but it's kinda wimpy for some reason. That flower is a yellow Chrysanthemum "mums." They come in all different colors, sizes and shapes, just like real moms! :-) My mother always loved them.
    Sitting at B&N...wish you were here!

  6. Very nice macro shots! I like them a lot!

    Have a great day!

  7. These are gorgeous Linda!
    I especially love the first one.
    It looks like you are enjoying a wonderful spring! :-)

  8. These are beautiful shots, Linda. My favorites are the geraniums (my very favorite flower) and the incredible detail from day 264. What a treat...thanks for sharing them.

  9. Wonderful shots, I do love that yellow

  10. Lovely flower shots, especially the first one. The last one is an Australian Native called Melaleuca.


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