Monday, May 16, 2011

Some of my 365 day shots.....

I am so far behind on posting my 365 day shots.. I have them all
Just need to get them edited and posted.. 

Day #249

My Husband and I went out to dinner and did a little shopping 
at Green Valley Ranch.  I alway love to take my camera when we go here
because they always have the prettiest flowers there.. 
I just loved this.. I really don't know what type of flower this is
 but it almost look like art to me!!

Day #250
These are bright yellow flowers if you can call them flowers  Theyare
on a tree at my work..  I really tried to get a shot with a Bee on them
Those Bees just love this tree..  It really freaks the kids out.. 

Day #248
I just love the way the sun was shinning in on my kitty and she was soaking it all up!!
This photo just makes me feel relaxed..  I think I need a nap now!!

Day #251
This is just one of the flower that came in a bouquet that my daughter 
got me for mothers day!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by..
I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the encouraging comments
I really do appreciate them. 

Hugs, Linda


  1. I just love the cat shot. Beautiful light.

  2. love love love 249!

    beautiful shots linda.

    we are right around the same number for accomplishing a years worth of photos....
    keep em comin'~ they are wonderful!

  3. Love these shots Linda! I really like that first flower, so pretty, and isn't it funny how just seeing our kitties in the sunshine purring can make us relaxed and sleepy? I love it!

  4. Such beautiful flowers, Linda! And I can almost feel your kitty soaking up the sun - how gorgeous! Thanks so much for your nice words at my blog yesterday!

  5. Love the soft light on your kitty cat...and the Mother's Day flower in Day 251...well, WOW!!!

    The tree with the yellow round flowers sounds interesting. I don't think I've ever seen one like that. Do you know what it's called?

  6. #249...that is one awesome looking flower!

  7. Oh Beautiful, beautiful !! The first flower I think is some variety of orchid, to me it reminds me of a kaleidoscope. The shot of your kitty is so soft and cats, as you say they have a very calming aura about them. I also love being saturated by the colour and beauty of your images. xx

  8. I love your new header and layout! What great shots

  9. Some really lovely flowers Linda! Your new header is fantastic, what a beautiful spring feel it has to it!!!

  10. Gorgeous photographs Linda!
    I have never seen a flower like the first one, and it really is so very beautiful!!
    Lovin' your Kitty shot!!! :-)

  11. Ooops!
    Got all wrapped up in your photos and forgot to say that I love your new header. Wonderful!!!

  12. Your usual wonderful shots Linda! The one of your kitty taking in the sun is the most relaxing for sure :)

  13. These photos are just so cool, especially the flowers, so beautiful!

  14. Love love love! Well... and you know I think the kitty photo is the best! :)

    Fantastic Linda!
    xo Catherine

  15. I love these shots...great , great...

  16. I should like to English, so I could speak with you...sorry...;)....


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