Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Hello my Friends.
So How is your weekend going?

I have to say mine is fabulous..  I am camping at the ocean for a week..
So life is pretty sweet!

I am back with some photos for Ashley's Scavenger Hunt..
I always have so much fun with this Hunt..  Every time I see the words for the new week
I think man I don't know if I can come up with anything..  Especially this week I was so 
busy getting ready for my trip.  But as the week goes on I am always thinking of the
words for the week and I always find just what  I need.. Well not always.. 
does that happen to you?  

So here we go

My Passion

My sweet little Grandson..  It really is hard to get a shot of him when he's
not sleeping..  Is it just me or is he the cutes...

I do have a second Passion
Some of you already know this but I am addicted to paper crafting and Mixed media Art..
I LOVE IT..  Definitely a passion of mine.. Right along with playing with my camera.
So much to do, so little time..  Hee Hee..

Sound of Music
These little guys can sing the sweetest song..

Inner Beauty 
My Daughter is even more beautiful on the inside..
Just ask anyone who knows her..

I had to pull this shot from my archives..  
I love this cross and I do wear it quite often..
I didn't receive it from anyone..  I had seen it and liked it so I bought it.
And that was at least 13 years ago.   And I still love it.

It was getting late and when I checked my watch it 12:00 SHARP..

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look at my photos..
If you want to play along or would just like to see what everyone else's shots
look like you can head on over to Ashley's Blog..

Thanks for another fun week Ashley!


  1. YOu did a wonderful job with the hunt this week - I love your passion and inner beauty shots.

  2. great set - love the portrait of your daughter. I envy you being by the ocean

  3. Your grandson is sooo cute!! His head is so round and love those cheeks. Ethereal and inner bueaty are great as well!!
    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  4. Your grandson is a cutie and your daughter lovely! Love both shots!
    I love your take on ethereal - it's a lovely cross. This one made me say -'wish I'd thought of that'. :)
    A unique take on sharp.

    Carletta@Round The Bend

  5. Beautiful shots this week Linda! You are getting some awesome shots of Myles, and that is so lovely of Jess. Hope you are having a wonderful time at the ocean. :-)

  6. Great photos. Love that first photo and the photo of your daughter. Gorgeous.

  7. These are truly some 'feel good' photos today Linda! Your sweet little grandson is growing growing growing! Oh it goes so fast. Don't you just love baby's skin? What I wouldn't give to have skin like that. Precious!
    xo Catherine

  8. Enjoy the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your daughter is beautiful, so is your grandson. I'm glad you like the scavenger hunt, because I always enjoy seeing what you find. I think my favorite other than your people sound of music. And...I think your paintbrushes would make a really good subject for a macro photo. I've seen similar ones done, and they turn out really cool. Have a wonderful time in the sun and sand! :)

  9. beautiful photo of your grandson!

  10. Camping at the ocean, mixed media art - you have some stellar hobbies. :):) And your daughter is beautiful!

    I really love your "sharp" shot

  11. Oh my gosh Linda!!! I had to come to this blog when I saw all the choices! (thank you for your generous comment on mine by the way) Your photography is OUTSTANDING! Your daughter IS beautiful and your grandchild scrumptualyishous! The pic of the paper and timepiece...WOW. Now THIS needs to be a stamp!!! I'll be back! Samara xox

  12. Great photos - I thought your daughter was Brittany Spears at first glance! Gorgeous!

  13. Beautiful photos Linda, especially Myles, he is the cutest!!!

  14. Linda, It sounds like you are living the good life at present!!! Just loved all your photos - but the one of your daughter is simply stunning!
    Enjoy your time at the beach!!! Simone xx

  15. your shots are so beautiful, your daughter and grandson look amazing. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  16. Such wonderful photos, Linda! Gorgeous interpretations, too! Enjoy your vacation!

  17. Hi, your daughter is beautiful! She i bit looks like beaututiful Bridney Spears! Hughs Anja

  18. Each of these is wonderful Linda, and so perfect for the prompts. The photograph of your daughter is beautiful, and that precious little one is growing so fast!!! He is just adorable!

  19. Love looking at the scavenger hunt photos--I learn so much about people. You family is beautiful and I need to find out more about your paper crafting. So neat and creative.


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