Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bring on the rain....

As I am sitting here this morning on my patio
drinking my coffee, I just got to thinking how wonderful
It would be if we could get some rain.. 

Day #286

I know to some of you are thinking I am crazy..
But living here in the desert we don't get much of the wet
stuff..  And I just love everything about it.. 
The smell, The sound of it hitting my roof..
A great reason to sit inside and read a good book while sipping tea..
Oh how I love the rain.. 

How about you?

No this isn't the rain..  Sad to say one of my sprinkler heads
broke and I just love the way the water was sparkling in the light.. 

Maybe one day I will move to where it rains more.. 
But then of course I will say.. I want the sunshine.. 
I am so fickle that way.. 

So if you don't see me around much this week it's because my husband and
me are taking our trailer down to the ocean..  That's another whole story
about a whole different LOVE..

I am linking this up to Lisa's Creative Exchange..


  1. how lovely to go to the ocean, I do envy you! hope you get some rain soon and have a lovely time away.

  2. Ooooooooooh Ahhhhhhhhhhh...

    Now THESE are my very favorite of all your captures. I can almost smell the fresh desert rain, the thirsty sands quenched with light drops of heaven. Gorgeous captures Linda!

    Enjoy your other love with your love! Laying out by the ocean sounds so utterly divine at this moment.


  3. Fabulous shots. I love rain. Nothing to me beats a good rainy day.

  4. Linda, you can have our rain. This is cold and damp and believe it or not I've turned the heat on several times to warm up. This is when I wish I had a fireplace. Enjoy your trip!

  5. I have some that I would gladly send your way Linda!!! Unfortunately, along with it would be the unseasonable chill too :-(

    These are wonderful photographs. I love the light and sparkle in each of them.

    Thank you so much for sharing them today at The Creative Exchange, and have a wonderful trip to the ocean.


  6. Yes, sadly our sprinklers must run daily here in Nevada, but we can really appreciate a good desert rain when we get one.
    Lovely captures!
    I look forward to a day when I can "complain about rain!"

  7. I am totally WOWED by that first shot! Incredible...I just love it!

    Enjoy your time at the ocean...and don't forget to keep your camera batteries ready at all times so we can see where you've been. :)

  8. I do love the rain and wouldn't have ever known it was sprinklers. Love it.

  9. This totally makes me laugh- you would have to live where we live to truly appreciate even just a little bit of water like that. I too love the rain- sooooooo much!

    So happy to have found you- being that we are so close. Makes it really cool to see photos from the same region - only on the other side of the valley. :)

  10. Looks magical... and that too from a sprinkler.
    Wonderful photography.

  11. Cold and wet is what we have here. Love your images.

  12. Absolutely stunning shot the first one, love the drops and bokeh, it is SO beautiful.
    Have a great trip!

  13. Beautiful shots! Love the light and the bokeh! Sprinklers are a great idea!

  14. have a great trip !! post some photos when you return

  15. Excellent bokeh! =)

  16. These are lovely rain shots even if it is just a broken sprinkler head!

  17. Those water drops are really really cool! Great job!

  18. these shots are so beautiful! i'm sorry they weren't the 'natural' rain kind! :)

    thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment so i could find you here. :)


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