Saturday, June 25, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday...

Good Morning!
I am so glad to be back this Sunday 
to Play along in Ashley's Scavenger Hunt..

Well I have to say this weeks words were so tough for me.
I almost didn't play.  I just felt like I could come up with any great shots..

So here is what I did come up with. 

I must have taken 100 shots of 
windows and doors.. And they all look like pooo.. 
So I pull this one from the archives.
  I love the way the building reflect on this window. 

These Eyelashes belong to my sweet daughter..

I love playing around with my paints..

Leaf Vains
Well I am not to crazy about this shot..  
When I snapped these shots of leafs they looked kinda cool
on my camera,  But then I loaded them in my computer and they
look so ordinary..  They did nothing for me..   So I played around
with it a little.. OK a lot.. But I am still not that happy with it!

Faceless Portrait 
O.K. here is another shot I was not to happy with
but I am going with it..  And yes that is me kicking water in my pool!

Hopefully Next week week I will have better luck with 
my shots..  If you would like to play along you have till
Tuesday..  Hop on over to Ashley's Blog to get the details.. 

I do hope you are having a wonderful day!!
And thanks so much for visiting me..  
I do appreciate all you sweet comments.

Hugs, Linda


  1. Linda, so many wonderful shots! Love the eyelash capture the most but I think your leaf veins and faceless portrait are really great, they have such a fresh, crisp quality to them! x

  2. I think your shots are better than you are giving yourself credit for. I like what you did with the leaf shot. And the portrait is lovely. You got the water to freeze in the shot beautifully.

  3. Hey Linda your shots are fabulous ! I love each and every one.... they all have a dynamics about them that is interesting and creative, and the water, well that is just technically tricky but you have done it beautifully. xx

  4. love the light and motion in your portrait shot - looks a lot of fun

  5. you're too hard on yourself. i enjoyed them all!

  6. Oh my, these were all just fantastic. Loved the last one!!

    Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

  7. I think these are really cool - love that last shot and also the eyelashes. Beautiful.

  8. I think your photos are beautiful! Great job!

  9. I think you did a fabulous job this week. That leaf photo is stunning and the eyelash photo wonderful. Love the fun and creative faceless portrait too!

  10. hey don't be too hard on yourself, those shots looked really fabulous to me, especially the one you kicking the water, looked fun too!

  11. You are so crazy!! You faceless portrait is awesome! Oh and that girl's eyelashes, man is she cool or what!

  12. wow love the faceless portrait!

  13. I actually LOVE the last two shots! I thought they were quite good. :)

  14. Wow, Linda. I love the first two, but they are all great.

  15. I think all your shots look great! I love the eyelashes and that splash on your feet is cool!

  16. Love the last shot. I'm not sure why you aren't happy with it! It is wonderful.

  17. Again...awesome scavenger hunt photos. I absolutely LOVE the uniqueness of the leaf vein photo. My next faves are your daughter's eyelashes and the cool window reflection. All of them are wonderful, Linda!!! I didn't get to finish my hunt this week, but I hope to again next Sunday.

  18. Such wonderful photos again, Linda, and those eyelashes are absolutely stunning!

  19. Isn't it funny how we are so critical with ourselves and our photos ~ all these shots look terrific to me Linda!
    xo Catherine

  20. What a wonderful set, hard to pick a favorite. I love them all.

  21. Wonderful interpretations of all, favs are the first and last photos!


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