Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Do you remember?

Not so long ago.  Before the world got all digital on us, we
used film in our camera's..  If you wanted any special effects it had to
happen with a lens or in the dark room..  

Day #263

I definitely remember film..  
But was a lot more careful about
 what I shot photos of.
I never developed my own film.. 
But I  know I would  love to have played  around with some film in a Darkroom.  
And I know I still can.   But digital is so darn easy.   So how about you?
Do you remember film?  Do you get to play in a Dark room instead of on the computer?

Here is what my original shot look like before I played around with it. 


  1. I do like what you have done with the shot. Yes I remember film. Never got to work in a darkroom though. I always sent it off to be developed.

  2. Love that photo! Funny thing, I thought about that as well today. When you wanted a black/white film you just bought one :) I did develop my own film when I was at school .. pretty cool and I still remember the smell of it.
    Hugs :D Janna

  3. Yes I remember film , and developing it in the dark room where I was teaching....arms through the holes in the big black bag and just feel your way around. It was fun and an adventure, you never knew what you were going to end up with. I love your after shot and what you have done with it but it does make me feel old and very vintage lol. xx

  4. I learn to develop B&W film and print negatives in the darkroom back in the days, still can recall the smell of the chemicals,gosh...I feel old. Even though I now have embraced the digital world, I still go out and shoot with my mind still set as if I was shooting with film.

  5. I like what you did with the first shot, it looks so cool.
    Funny to think back about using film, seems so strange now.
    I remember posting about Kodachrome...those were the days. I think it would be fun to use some film now just for the fun of it, don't you?

  6. I do remember film and I put one in an old camera the other day and once finished I took it to be developed and it was blank!! don't know what happened. One day I would love to do a developing course. Love your shots here.

  7. B&W looks so much better! And I'm very glad for digital photography! (and photoshop!

  8. Oh wow, its amazing what photo shop can do!!!
    I remember film, and I remember how bumped I was when the photo did not turn out as expected, now we have digital, we can take a thousand of them and be selective, how cool!

  9. Awesome edit. I really like the vintage look.

    I rarely took pictures with film because I couldn't afford to get them developed. I wish I had digital when my kids were little. I see all the great shots people are taking now and it makes me want to go back to do it all over again.

  10. I remember and have been in a dark room hours and hours 1990-1999 but not since that. I still can remember the smell of liquids in my hands:)


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