Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture Perfect....

I attended my Nephews Wedding a over a week ago
and brought my camera along.
One thing I know for sure now is that I need to get me a flash!
I really have been saying that for awhile.  But it was pretty dark at the wedding
so a good majority of my photos did not turn out!

This hall was decorated so beautiful..
Every rose was in its place!

The cake even tasted better than it looked.
Is that  even possible.

She was so Beautiful!

This is the part when the hankies came out!!

This was a little game the D.J. was playing..
I really don't don't think she was to happy about it!

I can't believe my nephew is all grown up and married.. 

Is she too cute..  She did not let go of that basket all night..

O.K. I want to know who invited these goof balls..
(My sister and Niece and her hubby!)

Well fun was had by all..
It was a beautiful wedding..

Congrats to the happy couple..

By the way..  I am out of town on Vacation so I won't be
able to get around to Take a look and comment
on all your blogs..  I will catch up when I get back.
I have pre-scheduled some post while I am gone..

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Hugs, Linda


  1. Linda I love the new header and color. The pics are lovely! Weddings are always such a fun and emotional time. Beautiful couple they are :) Hope your vacation is wonderful!!

  2. Super photos Linda!

    Hope you are having a good vacation ~ travel safe my friend!
    xo Catherine

  3. Lovely images, the little girl is so cute.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Great shots of the wedding Linda! Hope you are enjoying that ocean!

  5. Nice wedding photos. The flower girl and the cake are my favorites. I hope you're having a wonderful time at the beach!!!

  6. Linda, the pics are beautiful! I love, love, love, the red roses...The bride is stunning! Congratulate them for me....Hope you have a great vaca.... Jeanie

  7. Beautiful wedding pictures, your sister looks just like you, for once (before i read on), I thought it was you!


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